Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 release date, new legend Rhapsody, and everything revealed so far

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The ongoing season is coming to a close, and Respawn has released a Season 2 teaser confirming the release date and some highlights of upcoming features. According to a trailer that was recently published on Apex Legends’ official social media pages, Rhapsody, the new mobile-exclusive legend, will be released.

Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Apex Mobile, is gradually revealing interesting information about the new features and everything else fans can look forward to in the mobile edition of the well-known battle royale game. However, fans will only have to wait a little while for new content to be released. We’ll go through everything that has been revealed thus far regarding the Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 update in this post.

What is the release date and time for the Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 update?

The season 2 update for Apex Legends mobile is scheduled to go live on Tuesday,12 July. The time for the update is not confirmed by Respawn, however, according to the regular schedule, it will arrive roughly at 7 pm CEST, 6 pm BST or 10:30 pm Indian Standard Time. Most likely, the patch notes will be released the same day as the game’s update.

New legend: Rhapsody

According to Respawn, Rhapsody is a DJ from the fictitious metropolis of Neon Dunes’ neighbourhood of Kómma, will be featured with the Apex Legends Mobile season 2 update. Despite there has not been a great deal of information about the town, the character’s audio narrative withholds a wealth of details about her past. The character’s mother, though, is mentioned in a different report as having worked for Pythas Inc. She loses her job because of her discovery of business secrets, leaving her in financial difficulty.

While additional details regarding Rhapsody’s ability is lacking in the video, although, fans got to know about her dependable speaker. The ‘smart speaker’ can conceal itself by erecting a sizable holographic barrier, as the trailer apparently indicate. Developers promised that further information about Rhapsody, her abilities, and other changes, enhancements, and additional features planned with season 2 will be available shortly.

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