Top 5 BGMI best guns as of July 2022 that you must be aware of

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BGMI is now the most popular battle royale game in India. The game features a number of lethal weapons with damage rates ranging from low to high. On the battlefield, players have access to a broad variety of weapons, making it challenging to equip the best set of weapons. The odds of succeeding in BGMI depend mostly on the player’s speed and fighting skills, but the choice of weaponry equally matters. So, in this post, we’ll list the top 5 best guns in BGMI as of July 2022.

Top 5 BGMI best guns as of July 2022

  • M416

M416 IS A lethal weapon in the game, it also has an extreme fire rate, strong damage rate, and regulated recoil. Because it has a variety of attachments, this gun is a perennial favorite of several pro athletes. This weapon is recognized for its low backlash and high solidity, making it the best option to splash the enemy with significant damage.

  • AKM

AKM is one of the most used and deadliest weapons in BGMI If utilized properly, this rifle has the power to eliminate whole opposing squads. The AKM’s recoil is the only drawback. It is included in the list of top 5 best guns in BGMI in July 2022 due to high damage. Players that may absolutely overtake the opposition squads if they can manage the AKM’s recoil, though.

  • Groza

The only other way to get this gun is through airdrops. A few well-placed bullets from this gun would be sufficient to take the adversary out. Groza is among the most preferred and hence in the list of top 5 BGMI best guns in July 2022. Additionally, this weapon has the ability to instantly eliminate an entire opponent squad. The biggest flaw is that AKM has a better iron sight than it, and its iron sight isn’t good.

  • AWM

AWM can only be obtained by airdrops in BGMI’s traditional battle royale game style, gaining one is rather challenging. It is the fourth weapon in the list of top 5 best guns in BGMI as of July 2022. The weapon, however, has a decent potential of paying off for the player if a skilled sniper can hustle and take a chance to obtain it because it typically comes with a number of accessories like a compressor and muzzle. 

  • AUG A3

The rifle does have a considerable reload speed, though. Therefore, it is advisable to use this rifle with an Extended Quickdraw magazine. In addition, one can pair it with a 3X scope to improve sight during medium- to long-duration battles. The weapon fires 5.56mm ammunition and has a foregrip and compensator-like muzzle for improved stability.

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