Free Fire Reload Target Down event: Get fast food collections and burger-themed goodies

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Following the foodie-themed top-up event, Free Fire has introduced fast food collections as part of the event Reload Target Down. Both the prizes and the event wheel are fast food-themed. The grand rewards include a burger-themed grenade skin, bundle clothing, a Gloo wall skin, and many more items. If these things do not reappear in the game, they may become rare.

Free Fire Reload Target Down: Fast food collection event details

On July 15, Free Fire’s fast food collecting event was added to the game. Players can participate in this event through July 21. It is a web event, and the first spin is free, yet the big prizes are immediately available on the wheel. Each time the wheel is spun, one big prize is added to the wheel’s five reward spaces. However, the price would rise incrementally with each spin increase. The following are the grand prizes for this event:

  • Gloo wall – Burger Bang
  • Boxed burger loot box
  • Ketchup Gal bundle
  • Grenade – Burger Bang
  • Burger Lad bundle

Along with the grand prizes, the Reload down event wheel also includes normal rewards like a Diamond voucher, a strapped sub backpack, a Platinum divinity token box, and more.

How to get the Fast food collection rewards in the Reload Target Down event?

The Burger bang Gloo wall skin may be obtained for as little as 9 diamonds by making spins with diamonds. Since the first grand prize is added after the first spin, there is absolutely no chance of winning any grand prizes on the very first spin. The price for further free spins after the first one goes up to 9, 19, 29, 59, 99, 149, 199, 299, and 599 diamonds, respectively. The once-received awards are taken off the wheel, allowing players to complete the fast food gathering event’s incentives in just 10 turns. The goodies will be immediately added to the game’s vault or collection area.

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