Elon Musk claims that Tesla cars may support Steam games by the next month

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Elon Musk affirms that Tesla is continuing to work on integrating Steam into its cars and that a trial could be available within the next month. Tesla aims to make its vehicles as enjoyable as possible, and adding video game experiences to the vehicle contributes to that pleasure.

Musk previously hinted about the Steam integration stating, “In contrast to particular games, we’re going through the general situation of having Steam games work on a Tesla. Former is definitely where we should be long-term.”

Moreover, the company has been striving to create a gaming platform within its cars titled Tesla Arcade, and it has been partnering with game developers to adapt titles to it. Currently, it serves only to enhance the overall experience, but Tesla may have broader intentions for gaming within its cars.

Elon Musk is quite active on Twitter, and he’s famous for promoting inflated claims, whether they are related to Tesla, SpaceX, or any other subject. Musk responded to the demo video with an update on the Steam integration, saying, “The integration of Steam is progressing. Demo probably happens next month.” To demonstrate the gaming capabilities of Tesla automobiles, various computationally intensive video games will probably be used in the demo.

It’s possible that he’s pointing to a version of Steam that does not really play any games but is instead used to evaluate how the program performs on Tesla cars. It can imply that only a particular game will be played or maybe something comparable that will only be used for the trial. Alternatively, he might be referring to the beta testing of a more secure iteration of Steam for Teslas, which will initially be available exclusively to specified drivers.

However, it would spark controversy because playing video games while driving may impede focus and might even ultimately result in an accident. Tesla could impose restrictions on video game use while driving the car. Soon, we’ll know more about Tesla’s integration with Steam.

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