Destiny 2 August showcase will reveal Lightfall expansion, Season 18, and more

A new Destiny 2 showcase will take place on August 23, according to Bungie’s announcement post. A short teaser is followed by the revelation, which comes quite surprisingly from Destiny 2’s official Twitter account.

The teaser released today doesn’t specifically mention what will be featured during the showcase, but prior gatherings have given sneak peeks at forthcoming Destiny 2 seasons and the expansion for the following year. Although there are still many unanswered concerns and mysteries surrounding Destiny 2, gamers will get a glimpse of what’s coming up next month.

What to expect from the Destiny 2 August showcase?

The developer showcase for Destiny 2 will appear on August 23rd, and according to Bungie, fans will be able to “see what’s next” for the game. Such showcases are usually major occasions for the game since they outline the game’s future, whatever players may anticipate from the continuing story, as well as how the game might change over the next seasons.

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Notably, Season 18 begins on August 23, which falls on the same day as last year’s presentation, which took place just before Season of the Lost was released and The Witch Queen campaign was officially unveiled.

The Witness is now Destiny 2’s most prominent antagonist, and they utter the identical lines that were said at the conclusion of the Witch Queen campaign in the trailer. Moreover, Lightfall will probably lay the setting for humanity’s conflict with The Witness.

Lightfall, which was first teased back in June 2020 and is now anticipated to release in 2023, will be Destiny 2’s last addition, lying between The Witch Queen from this year and the game’s conclusion expansion. Although, with regard to major announcements, Bungie has been a little less transparent. As a result of criticism from Destiny 2 gamers, some developers have reduced their online presence.

Similar to last year, it’s probable that the Destiny 2 August showcase will simultaneously announce Season 18’s features and preview Lightfall expansion.

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