Free Fire Hop Hop mini-game event: Get pet skin, emote, and more free rewards

Free Fire Hop Hop event: Free Fire recently announced and unveiled its new appearance through its second Battle In Style campaign. Free Fire’s brand revamp has given its older user interface a fresh look with new visuals, icons, fonts, and logos. A new event called “Battle in Style” has been added to the game, promising players a ton of in-game cosmetics in return for completing a few straightforward missions.

In contrast to the game’s missions, “Hop Hop” is a mini-game event that has been added by the developers. Mini-game events are a great way to earn prizes and have fun with them at the same time. By participating in the Free Fire Hop Hop event and hitting the targets, players may receive perks like as pet skins, emotes, and other incentives.

Free Fire Hop Hop event: How to play and score the highest points?

The Hop Hop event was added to Free Fire on July 22nd, and players can participate in it until August 1st.

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The mini-game is as simple as jumping and landing on the blocks. An additional block will appear on the front side of a block when you safely land on it. However, the blocks’ distances continuously change, making it challenging to land precisely. To leap, players must hold down and then release. The jump will be longer the longer you hold down. A flawless landing in the middle of two or more consecutive blocks will result in a score boost of two or three times or more.

Get free emote and pet skin

For achieving a specific score goal in the Free Fire Hop Hop event, there are specific daily incentives and milestone awards. It includes a variable number of Yellow blocks and a Digi smiley parachute. Players may collect enough Yellow blocks to swap them in the Battle in Style Exchange Store. Sensei Tig’s pet skin requires only 25 Yellow blocks, however, the Great conductor emote demands 60 Yellow blocks.

Furthermore, players may obtain extra Yellow blocks by playing CS or BR mode.

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