List of 4 best Genshin Impact team comp for beginners as of 2022

Best Genshin Impact team comp for beginners: Genshin Impact is widely renowned for offering characters who are both engaging and focused on RPG elements. The game’s creator, HoYoverse, put a lot of effort into coming up with distinctive characters with distinctive skills and figuring out how well they work together.

Some of the characters specialize in dealing damage, while others shine as healers, supportive teammates, or excellent explorers. Team compensation is a challenging topic. And this is especially true in a game like Genshin Impact, which has so many options and roles to choose from. So, this article will list the 4 best Genshin Impact team comp for beginners to try in 2022.

List of 5 best Genshin Impact team comp for beginners as of 2022

Hu Tao/ Yelan/ Albedo/ Noelle

Both Yelan and Hu Tao deal a significant amount of damage. However, because Hu Tao’s Elemental Skill costs 30% of her existing HP to use, her skill repeatedly depletes her HP, keeping her at a dangerously low point where she requires constant defense. Albedo is the ideal player to add to this squad since his fourth Ascension passive, which, when used, grants 125 Elemental Mastery to the lineup. Despite having a significant cooldown, Noelle’s shield can still adequately guard Hu Tao while she is on the field.

Kuki Shinobu/ Ayato/ Fischl/ Kazuha

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In this team comp, Kuki provides ongoing electro application and healing. She will primarily be a passive character, used primarily for changing in and out for her skill and ultimate attack. The primary cause of harm and the driving force of Electrocharged will be Ayato. Fischl supports Kuki in continuing to provide Electro applications. Oz is always prepared because of her Elemental Skill and Burst, which she uses in sequence. Kazuha manages the throng and is effective at dispersing components through Swirl responses. It is the second best team in the list of 4 best Genshin Impact team comp for beginners in 2022.

Beidou/ Kuki Shinobu/ Xingqiu/ Sucrose

In this team competition, Kuki works with both healing and ongoing electro application. As the team’s primary DPS, Beidou will continually deliver damage and deploy Electro-charged using her burst and elemental skill. Her skill in particular is excellent for swiftly dispatching opposing mobs, and her explosion offers a shield while it is active. Xiangqi may not be as effective as Ayato because he can only use Hydro on one enemy at a time, but he is still a highly helpful character. Sucrose offers increased elemental damage when combined with swirl reactions. It is among the best teams in the list of the 4 best Genshin Impact team comp for beginners in 2022.

Noelle/ Gorou/ Albedo/ Yun Jin

Similar to Albedo, Noelle is an undervalued Sub-DPS in Genshin Impact who will gain a lot from Gorou’s ability to passively deal with large Geo DMG. As a result of the four characters’ reliance on their DEF and Geo DMG, Gorou emerges as the team’s standout member since he has the power to enhance each character’s skills and advance their performance. But even so, because of the fact that Yun Jin and Gorou have given her Normal Attacks a twofold bonus, Noelle will primarily be responsible for this team’s damage with her Ordinary Attacks in this lineup.

Players can test out any of the aforementioned team comps and select the one that best suits them.

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