Sony has unveiled the new PS VR 2 features including streaming, headset functions, and more

Sony has shared pictures and information about the next PS VR 2 features, emphasizing quality of life improvements over specific details about the system, as well as a sneak preview of the device’s user interface. The revealed information about the PS VR 2 makes it appear more promising than ever as the much-anticipated improvement to the outdated PlayStation VR device.

See-through view feature via PS VR 2 headset

The new see-through function in PS VR2 allows players to view their surroundings while wearing the headset. Because PS VR2 has built-in front cameras, users may toggle between viewing the outside world and PS VR2 content by pressing the function button on the headset or using the card in the Control Center. Additional PS VR2 options, including changing the play area, will now be easily accessible from the Control Center through the Card.

New VR and Cinematic mode

Additionally announced is a “cinematic mode” that will let you see existing games and other non-VR entertainment on a virtual cinema screen. Players may experience VR game material in VR Mode in a 360-degree virtual world. The content will be shown in a 4000 × 2040 HDR video format with a 90Hz/120Hz frame rate.

Streaming feature and play area customizations

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The PS VR 2 will allow users to stream whatever game they play. By connecting a PS5 HD Camera, you may watch your face while playing. We’ll have to wait and see how it’s really done, but the preview visual given by Sony suggests that it would seamlessly eliminate backdrops from the picture to only display the user with the game directly.

Similar to how the Meta Quest operates, Control Center will also let you use the portable controllers to sketch out and update a personalized play area on the ground. When you approach your predetermined borders too closely, a grid wall will appear in-game.

In the near future, a new system software launch will be made available, allowing PS VR2 game developers to start using the most recent user experience for PS VR2. Sony will soon release the release date and the list of games.

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