Free Fire Scouter Top-up event: Get Night Scouter Scythe and Gloo wall skin

Following the Battle in Style top-up rewards, Free Fire has introduced a new Scouter top-up event. Players now have the opportunity to receive a Gloo wall and Scythe skin.

Free Fire frequently offers top-up events that provide players to buy diamonds and receive rewards in return. The diamonds are the premium in-game currencies that can only be purchased in exchange for real money. Since diamonds can be used to get items from the game store or make spins in the events, players look forward to the best top-up rewards offers. Let’s have a look at the new Free Fire Scouter top-up event.

Free Fire Scouter Top-up event overview

The Scouter top-up event has been added to the Free Fire on 1 August. Since these incentives were already a part of the game, the event will only last for a limited time and end on August 4. Two rewards—Night Scouter Scythe and Heatbound Desert Gloo wall skin—are available throughout the event for topping up a predetermined amount of diamond packs.

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Unlike gun skins, scythe skins don’t have any unique qualities. Nevertheless, they have unique elimination alerts and can be used in the game lobby. Due to the Scythe’s great damage and range, it has become the most popular melee weapon in the game. The Gloo wall skin is an ordinary one with a golden Falcon on the front.

How to complete the Scouter Top-up event?

To get started, tap the recent event banner and select “Top-up” from the menu that appears. The next step is to select the diamond package you want to purchase. From the same event page, you may claim your incentives when the transaction has been completed.

Gamers need to purchase 100 diamonds in order to get the Scouter Scythe skin. The Heatbound Desert Gloo wall skin, on the other hand, will require a minimum of 300 diamonds top up. 100 diamonds top-up costs 80 INR, while the 300 diamonds cost 240 INR. The incentives obtained from the Top Up event are free and guaranteed. Players topping up for the first time will get a Thompson gun skin in addition to these incentives.

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