Free Fire M1887 Evo gun Sterling Conqueror Faded Wheel: How much diamonds will it cost?

The Evo gun skins are quite popular in Free Fire owing to their special abilities and great attributes. A new M1887 Evo Gun Sterling Conqueror faded wheel event has been added to Free Fire, offering the new Evo gun skin as its grand prize. Players have anticipated this skin since it is the first M1887 Evo gun skin since it was initially rumored many weeks ago.

Free Fire M1887 Evo gun Sterling Conqueror Faded Wheel event

The M1887 Sterling Conqueror event has been added to the game on 6 August. Players have till September 4 to take part in this event. The faded wheel event has two grand prizes in addition to eight standard prizes, the same as previous faded wheel occasions. The following elements are included in the wheel:

  • Cube fragment
  • Futuristic weapon loot crate
  • Scoped in skyboard
  • Sterling Conqueror token box
  • Scoped in parachute
  • Diamond Royale voucher
  • Artificial Intelligence weapon loot crate
  • Winter’s Delight loot box
  • Sterling star token
  • M1887 Evo skin Sterling Conqueror

How many diamonds will it take to get the M1887 Evo skin and upgrade it up to level 7?

The first in the Free Fire M1887 Evo gun skin faded wheel event costs 9 diamonds, however the price increases on subsequent spins. Each additional spin costs 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and 499 diamonds for the second through eighth spins, consecutively. Lucky players may get the M1887 Evo skin for as low as 9 diamonds, while it may also cost 1082 diamonds.

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However, the only gun accessible in the wheel is of level 1, and players will need Sterling Conqueror tokens to upgrade. Token crates, which cost 40 diamonds apiece, are the only way to get the tokens. A variable amount of tokens, ranging from 3x to 10x, are offered by the crates. Therefore, the Free Fire M1887 Evo skin may cost between 10,000 and 12,000 diamonds to upgrade to level 7 or the max level.

M1887 Evo gun skin – Special ability and attributes

Every Evo gun skin has a distinct ability, therefore this Evo skin’s distinctive feature is that the rate of fire increases for a while after reloading. You may obtain the skin’s exclusive emote and a new appearance by leveling up. Attributes of the gun at level 7 are Damage++, Rate of Fire+, and Movement Speed-.

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