Kaspersky’s All-New Features to Lead a Digital Living

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Yukesh Prabhu
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Russian-based multinational Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has come up with a hefty upgrade for its home users. The company towered the setup to introduce a revamped and untangled naming module to its consumer line. These couldn’t be the only things that Kaspersky looks after; there are many things that the company is minded to bring out. The Antivirus company has accepted the new functionality with alacrity, and the user interface has been added as an extravagant from scratch.

New Plan and New Name

Kaspersky would stand out with its brand name “Kaspersky” as “Internet Security” and “Security Cloud” bygone. As in, everything has been enervated into one name. Kaspersky now supports the four main platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. 

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Home users have given to choose three plans Kaspersky Standard, Kaspersky Plus, and Kaspersky Premium. So, users are amassed in one place to choose the plan that excites them the most; perhaps you would get protection, functionality, and services without shattering the bank balance.

All in One

Let’s delve into a most pivotal part that Kaspersky has got to offer; the company has set up four categories to put new features and services: Security, Performance, Privacy, and Identity. Each category arrives with distinctive, quirky traits of being a more superlative portfolio to users. But, it is predominantly based on your plans; it relies on what you are up to. if you snatched a premium set of plans, you would be relishing a higher tier of features. With Kaspersky Standard, you get Security & Performance and basic Privacy features.

New Security Operation

The following restructured theme indicates the eccentric lineup of Kaspersky. The company is widely known for its Security operation. It has been said, you can get various pontoon for your unstable bridge, including antivirus, firewall, anti-phishing, web-antivirus, and protection against rootkits and ransomware. The company transported essential features to the main screen for a hassle-free environment.

No Space for Hackers

Yet another path to make your pattern easier yet falls incredibly to make certain what you are addressing in the futuristic platform. You might let others break down your wall unintentionally when you peep into more apps and websites; it would let others see the vulnerability and accessibility you are seeking.

You will need to change the tune as per the revised vision to make certain no one can lure out your information from your digital world. Meanwhile, winding up every nook and corner of your system can be a bustling thing. Howbeit, now you can easily head to the Privacy section, which allows you to manage alÁÁÁÁl your “blindfolds.” The Privacy section maintains your system feature to stay low from curious hackers, protects your online payments, and detects stalkers.

Free Upgrade

If you have been using the paid version of Kaspersky home products, you can simply swap to the new system without spending a single penny.

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