13 Best iPhone Productivity Apps You Really Need in 2022

Everyone is pretty concerned about their future and present. Each person now is putting their full effort and continuously doing hard work. They say that they do all this for a bright future but often complain that sometimes they lack productivity, which can affect their long-term goals.

For everyone, productivity matters a lot, whether a student, a job-going person, or a business. With high productivity levels, one can achieve his/her long-term and short-term goals. Even though it is said that productivity helps in other aspects, like boisterous productivity, one has fewer chances to encounter stress, which can be advantageous when talking about the long term.

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For people who complain about lower productivity levels, numerous methods exist for raising their productivity and shining in the field.

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Still, this article will discuss productivity apps and provide you with the best iPhone productivity apps. All the iPhone apps for productivity come up with many benefits, and iOS users will find no obstacles when installing the productivity apps. 

Benefits of Productivity Apps

Productivity apps can help a person in various ways. If you see yourself being less productive, you can definitely attain a productivity boost with the help of productivity apps.

Improvisation of Quality

Yes, iPhone Productivity Apps can help improve quality. Whether talking about work improvement or product quality improvisation, productivity apps can help in both. As with productivity apps, you set daily goals and deadlines. You will not waste any of your time on planning and other things, and this will help you focus more efficiently and improve your work quality. 

Effective Communication

iPhone Productivity Apps can help you in an important aspect – communication with colleagues and partners. These apps will help you plan the day together through video conferencing and come up with other side features that can be used to reach for good communication.

So, these are the significant benefits of productivity apps. On top of that, these apps have some other benefits like effective workflow, mobile office, etc.

But if you are an iOS user looking for iPhone productivity apps for iOS, then here is a list of the best apps for productivity. 

13 Best iPhone productivity apps

OmniFocus 3

The app that tops the list of iPhone productivity apps is OmniFocus 3 due to its immense benefits. With the help of this app, users can effectively manage their time. They can overcome smartphone addiction by using time for other important work while increasing their productivity. 

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Also, by not using phones for extended periods, users will be given credits, which can be used for planting trees. This is a good step by the officials of the OmniFocus 3 app. 


If you are searching for the best iPhone productivity apps for productivity that can make a to-do list, you should pay attention to the ToDoist app once. With an exciting UI, the app will keep its eye on simple tasks of the day while giving attention to essential pieces of work. 

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ToDoist is a simple app to use and can be installed on all platforms. If you want to manage and plan all your day well without chaos, then ToDoist unquestionably deserves a download on your iPhone. 


The next app that counts in the iPhone productivity apps list is TeuxDeux. TeuxDeux is a day planning app. Through this app, you can add all your tasks that are supposed to be done and can accomplish them. 

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The simple UI is a pro of this app. The neat and attractive UI is easy to use and, at the same time, holds up a lot of advantages in itself. Users say that using this app is easy, and it plans their day in minutes without wasting a significant portion of the day. 


Nirvana is a great app to upgrade productivity levels, and for GTD Endureres, this app is highly recommended. The app can plan your day in a commendable way as it will add all the work with deadlines and keep updating you timely. 

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The app’s layout is pretty simple with an easy-to-use UI, and users state that the app is an excellent option to manage all the professional work with deadlines. Developers added many features to it, like due dates, scheduling, and immense filter options that make this app noticeable in the iPhone productivity apps list. 


The next runner-up of the iPhone apps for productivity enhancement is the Productive app. The app is helpful for someone planning to adopt a new habit. It can schedule any routine and will provide timely recommendations also. 

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This easy-to-use app adds a lot of benefits to one’s life, and many users commented that they were successful in having a new habit that can benefit them in any aspect. With this app, you can also overcome the practices you do not accept and replace them with healthy habits


The developers of the Habitica app inserted a creative idea that can help many to manage their daily life tasks. The app is based on a game that will help you manage your tasks. 

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One has just to enter their goal, whether it’s to form a new habit or manage tasks. The app is there for you, and your levels will be upgraded as you keep accomplishing your goals. Habitica engages people actively and is a creative approach to helping users. 


The next addition to productivity apps for iOS is the Streaks app. The app is based on the don’t break the chain model that will make users do all their tasks planned with the app. 

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Also, the simple UI makes it easy to use the app, and with this creative method, the app is successful in helping a lot of people in completing their daily goals. A user will interpret this as a challenge and will do hard work. This innovative app deserves a lot of appreciation and support. 


We cannot miss the super helpful Evernote app when discussing the best iPhone productivity apps. The Evernote app is an excellent option for managing virtual folders and files. It helps a user manage all kinds of files. 

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Also, it can be used as a notebook, and the engaging UI interacts well with users, making this bug-free app helpful when seeking to raise productivity levels. It is a good app due to its benefits and does not have any bugs, which ultimately creates a delightful user experience


We often read an interesting article or watch an informative video and want to save it somewhere. The Pocket app can help anyone save a link for this problem’s solution.

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Also, with this app, we can share links, and the exciting UI and other valuable features make this app a member of the best iPhone apps for productivity list. All the users clarified that using this app really helped them, and they can save the links stress-free. 


The following add-on in the best iPhone productivity apps is the Dropbox app. The app is a cloud-based file-sharing platform that can help in modern workplace creation. The app is excellent when seeking to increase the productivity of your workplace. 

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Through the Dropbox app, you can share work with anyone, like your clients or team members. The progress recording feature makes anyone consider the app once when seeking productivity apps for iOS. All the users using the app really appreciated the app and its UI. 


The next best app for productivity that can be installed on an iPhone is the Hive app, which can help with project management. With Hive, users can share files, make to-do lists, communicate efficiently, and make the project more productive when working together.

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Also, the UI of the app is interactive, and developers coded the app in a way that is easy to use, and users can focus only on their project-related work. This app can raise productivity scores and achieve all the goals. 

Google Docs

With Google Docs, one can easily share documents. Also, a team can work together on a particular paper efficiently, which is a great feature added to the app. 

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An easy-to-use UI can also suggest changes in a shared document, saving the team a lot of time when working on a project. On top of that, the other features also make one download this app which can increase team productivity levels and save significant amounts of time. 

IFTTT (If This Then That) 

This creatively designed app is an automation tool that can connect different apps on the same screen. Also, you can set reminders in the app that makes it counted in iPhone productivity apps with a reminder setting program. 

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The UI of the app is so good and easy to use, and the users claim IFTTT to be a helpful app that saves up significant time. It helps them to allocate their precious time to some other chores. Also, through the reminders, you will not forget the important work that is supposed to be done. 

Final Words

Many people seek productivity as it is essential to one’s life. Only through high productivity levels can one achieve a goal. Hence, people often want to know about productivity hacks, and in this article, we shared info about some of the best productivity apps for iPhones. All the apps shared in the article are iPhone productivity apps that are available on the App Store and can benefit iOS users in many ways.

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