Uber and Rockstar are reportedly working with FBI to track the GTA 6 attack

Uber and Rockstar are currently pursuing legal action in cooperation with the FBI as a result of the latest GTA 6 attack. According to a report from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the immense GTA 6 leak that surfaced over the weekend may have also been accomplished by a hacker who was also involved in hacking Uber.

Uber alleges the Lapsus group is responsible for both the Uber and GTA 6 attacks

In a recent statement, Uber speculated that the attack on Rockstar may have been carried out by the renowned hacking crew named Lapsus. The GTA 5 source code was auctioned to the highest bidder in a manner similar to how Lapsus usually operates.

This group continuously used similar approaches to attack technological corporations, including Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia, and Okta this year. Uber said that the hacker took data from an internal programme used by the business’s finance division to track contracts as well as certain internal Slack conversations.

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In a statement, Uber explained, “We believe that this attacker (or attackers) are associated with a hacking gang called Lapsus$, which has become more active over the past year or two. This group typically used similar approaches to attack technological corporations, including Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Nvidia, and Okta this year.

Taking about the Rockstar’s GTA 6 attack, they added,”On this issue, we are working closely with the FBI and the US Department of Justice, and we’ll keep supporting their efforts.”

Rockstar studio on the GTA 6 attack

Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed if they’ve contacted the authorities, but they recently released a statement recognising the breach and claiming that a third party had illegally acquired access to confidential information.

In the official statement released yesterday, Rockstar stated, “We do not foresee any disruption to our live game services or any long-term influence on the development of our ongoing projects.” Therefore, rumours that GTA 6 would be delayed or cancelled shouldn’t worry fans.

Although this GTA 6 attack has caused concern among other firms, authorities would undoubtedly look into the matter to identify the hacker.

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