Top 5 Best characters for Free Fire in October 2022 to equip in CS and BR ranked mode

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Free Fire offers a wide range of character options, and the list keeps on increasing with every new update. The characters are the most important aspect of the game since each one of them possesses a distinct ability. A combination of one active and three passive characters can be equipped in the game. Free Fire’s meta has changed a bit with the recently added characters; hence here’s the updated list of the 5 best characters for Free Fire to equip in CS and BR ranked mode.

Top 5 Best characters for Free Fire in October 2022 (for CS and BR ranked mode)

1. Tatsuya

Tatsuya is an active skill character with the ability called “Rebel Shot.” Players may employ its Rebel Shot skill, which can be activated twice, to fast-forward within 0.5 seconds.

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At its max level, it dashes forward at a rapid speed for 0.3 seconds, and the skill can be used twice with a 5-second cooldown within each use. The skill can then be reused again after 120 seconds of cooldown.

2. Homer

Homer has a special ability known as “Senses Shockwave.” When the skill is used on the battleground, a drone is launched in the direction of the closest opponent within a 100m frontal distance, causing a 5m-diameter pulse burst that lowers movement speed and fire rate by 10%. It does 25 damage over 5 seconds. After then, there is a 140-second cooling period.

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Once the character has reached its max level, the mobility and fire speed reduction is 60% and 35%, respectively. Additionally, the total cooldown time is reduced to 90 seconds.

3. Skyler

Without a doubt, Skyler is a beneficial character for offensive gameplay in both CS and BR ranked modes. His active ability is called Riptide Rhythm, and when it is used, it releases a sonic wave forward that can shatter up to five Gloo walls in a row within a 100-meter radius. Furthermore, it increases users’ health by 9 HP for each Gloo wall deployed, with a cooldown time of 60 seconds at its max level.

4. Chrono

When playing BR ranked mode, players commonly use his excellent talent, Time Turner, to defend themselves, primarily against unexpected explosions.

When activated, an unbreakable force shield that prevents 800 damage is created. Though after a recent nerf, players can’t damage enemies from inside the shield. A 160-second cooldown is required after the 4-second effect period.

5. Steffie

Steffie’s ability in Free Fire has been entirely changed by the OB patch; it now generates a 4m region that ends up preventing throwables (like grenades).

The armor durability of teammates in the same area will be repaired by 10% per second, while enemy bullet damage will be reduced by 10%. The zone will be formed for 10 seconds, followed by a cooldown of 115 seconds.

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