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Cellebrite claims it can unlock any iPhone or iPad and extract its data

The security company Cellebrite is known for offering different device unlocking services to authorities. In the past, they have been able to unlock the iPhone more than once to obtain internal data. Now they claim to have a new service with which they can unlock any iPhone and iPad until iOS 12.3 almost nothing. Their […]

iOS 13 will not end 3D Touch, according to an alleged email

iOS 13 has been a jug of cold water for fans of 3D Touch. The feature introduced by Apple with the iPhone 6s to put pressure on the screen and get a contextual menu seems to have the days counted and with the iPhone XR not included and the changes in iOS 13 all indicated […]

iOS 13 will show users a Map of the areas tracked by some applications

The privacy has great prominence in iOS 13, and Apple will enhance what we will see with different characteristics from the last part of the year in our iPhone devices. Among all the features that are released on privacy, highlighted are the ones where we will show more detailed information about those applications that have […]

Apple patents new figurative trademarks for its proprietary apps

Apple today has officially trademarked its new icons trademarks for Covering the Noise App, SwiftUI, RealityKit and Reality Composer apps on an iPhone. These patents could mean a new change is coming to the specified apps in regards to its functionality and icons. Additionally, Apple filed for the macOS Catalina trademark. The story has continued. […]

Apple to buy the autonomous car company

Apple would want to buy the autonomous car company, which is going through a difficult economic time. Those in the block would be interested in the autonomous driving company to help them boost their own department specialized in this technology. The agreement could mean that dozens of workers end up working at Apple, […]

Apple Pro Display XDR monitor with outstanding specifications starts at $4999

Along with the new Mac Pro, Apple has introduced a premiere monitor to accompany its professional desktop computer. The new 32-inch Apple Pro Display XDR monitor brings together outstanding specifications focused on the professional world of image and programming. The new Apple monitor offers a 32-inch diagonal. It is a 6K Retina display (6016 x […]

iPadOS exclusive for iPad unveiled with enhanced features

In 2017, Apple began to pose a future for the iPad different from that of the iPhone. The arrival of the Dock and the file explorer brought it closer to a desktop computer, but in iOS 12, launched last year, there were no notable developments in this regard. Things have changed today. Apple has announced […]

Dark Mode Tech prepped for iOS 13 packed with a number of Benefits

During the opening conference of WWDC 2019, Apple presented iOS 13, a new incarnation of its operating system designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Compared to the transition from version 11 to 12, which took place last year, this time the Cupertino company evolves introducing many more innovations. Among these, the most awaited is […]

List of iOS 13 compatible devices for iPhones and iPads

With a great inaugural keynote, Apple started WWDC 2019 and after seeing all the news that will bring iOS 13 and the new iPadOS. It’s time to discover which are the iPhone and iPad devices that can be updated to the latest version of the iOS with all the new features. Keep in mind that […]

iOS 13 is official: Everything you need to know about the retouched software

WWDC 2019 is one of the most important events in the world by Apple. As every year, the Cupertino kids have taken advantage of their developer conference to publicize the news that will reach their ecosystem of products, an ecosystem in which iOS has a privileged position. It is precisely iOS that interests us right […]

WWDC 2019: Apple introduces a brand new iPadOS based on iOS 13

Apple, in the middle of the Worldwide Developer Conference, separates its tablets from its smartphones by introducing a new operating system called iPadOS based on iOS 13. The first thing you’ll notice about the new OS’ interface is that icons are more tightly packed, allowing for more apps to be displayed at once, which gives […]

New Mac Pro Released: A closer look at what Apple unveiled at WWDC 2019

Six years after the debacle of the Mac Pro in the form of a wastebasket, Apple has renewed its desktop computer for professional environments. The new Mac Pro is similar to that first version based on the legendary Power Mac G5, with more options for expansion and configuration. Users can now opt for a Xeon […]