Apple is considering to launch folding smartphone according to a new patents

While we have heard about what are folding smartphones, in addition to having seen a prototype by Samsung and many demonstrations about folding OLED panels, it seems that Apple may finally be willing to make an appearance in this area, or at least intends to do so. The Cupertino company filed a patent which is […]

Apple patent on smart fabrics could be applied to smartwatch bands and other devices

A new patent application released on Thursday reveals that Apple will integrate smart fabrics with a multitude of sensors and features like the camera and flashing color lighting where the invention could be applied to future devices like smart glasses, a headset or clothing. This smart fabric integrated with sensors will help users alerting on […]

iPhone 11 latest updates: Six rear camera and pop-up dual selfie snapper

The 2018 iPhones are out with some best features and displays available in the market currently, and as per the sources this is to be continued in the next model of iPhone; the iPhone 11. Recently a new image released render some brilliant specs and design of Apple’s 2019 flagship which might hold a true […]

Apple Pay infringes an acquired Korean patent owned by Fintiv

Fintiv Inc. the mobile commerce platform is an Austin based company that claims to sue Apple for Apple Pay infringement on an acquired Korean patent that Fintiv owns. The Texas-based company claims to have been working on mobile payment, loyalty offering technologies for over 20 years. The lawsuit uploaded covers storing and using digital wallet […]

iOS 12.1.2 update turns the most expensive smartphone in to the most defective

Apple has been in an update delivering spree this year end. In a recent development, Apple has recently released the iOS 12. 1.2 across iOS phones to fix connectivity problems and eSim issues that users have been complaining about. Soon after its release, another update was rolled out to replace the previous one. In this […]

Apple could launch new 10-inch iPad and 7.9-inch iPad Mini in 2019: Report

Despite the alleged information about the discontinuity of the iPad Mini line, new rumors indicate that Apple will not leave aside the smallest variant of tablets of the company and can launch it in new design next year, with a lower price, and also sequencing the Traditional Apple iPad with the new 10-inch variant. According […]

Apple gets trolled for promoting Apple Music on Twitter via Android device

We every next day stumble upon the news of popular brands trolling over the web for promoting their businesses or products. Many of them result in controversies and competition amongst the brand loyalties. A lot many times we have seen Android brands or the celebrity ambassador of a particular Android phone promoting it via iPhone on […]

iOS 12.1.2 update available for iPhones to resolve several issues with newer models

The iOS 12.1.1 was released a few days ago fixing a handful of bugs and to fix the remaining bugs the company releases a new update iOS 12.1.2.  iOS 12.1.2 resolves issues with eSIM activation on iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, and also addresses some cellular connectivity issues with those same model […]

Apple Music gets unofficial browser version support

Apple Music has had good news in different ways, acquired British Platoon and announced the nominees for the 2019 Grammy. But a complete browser version is still missing, which a student at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, may have solved. Naveed Golafshani, a student of software engineering has released an unofficial web version […]

Samsung to offer cheaper OLED panels for 2019 iPhone models

The OLED panels used in the latest iPhone series, i.e., iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max since last year has been supplied by Samsung. The high production cost is the result of those OLED panels which made them quite expensive for the end users. Recent reports claim that Samsung will provide cheaper OLED screens for […]

Apple’s new endeavour – builds new $1 billion campus in Texas

Apple on its way to building a new campus in a Northern part of Austin, Texas. It is reported that they will spend another $10 billion for launching the new data centers as the part of the five-year investment plan which is targeted to give about 20,000 employment opportunities to people. As per the report […]

Egypt claims on Apple for violation of local laws

The unfair bans by Apple have compelled Egypt to impose accusation on what it identifies as unfair restrictions on local distributors or face legal action. The allegation against the company comes after the Egyptian Competition Authority accused the Cupertino based firm. The California based company has been accused of violating local competitive law by preventing […]