China bans iPhone sale; Apple to file an appeal to fight the iPhone ban

China has banned the sale and import of iPhone as a decision taken by the court amidst the trade war going between China and the United States. Now Apple has filed an appeal to overturn the lawsuit that bans iPhone sales in China. Qualcomm claims that Apple has violated two of its patents in the […]

Apple Patent claims for future entertainment system with further body orientation

The US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that includes applications relating to the future entertainment system. Apple was already granted a patent for a future entertainment system with the application 20180348885 this August but files a patent relating to this same invention. one or more processors to acquire an image […]

Apple provides 45 Day refund period for ECG app on Apple Watch

According to an exclusive internal document distributed to Apple Stores and Apple Authorised Service Providers in the US, it is noted that Apple will honor the refund related requests connected with heart health features up to 45 days from purchase. Apple Watch already had the 14-day return policy. This was done by the Apple stores […]

Hagens Berman files lawsuit against Apple for Retina display defects in iMac and MacBook

It is now publicly announced by the law firm of Hagens Berman that they have filed a lawsuit against the Apple on 18th of November in Northern California that claims that there’s a defect in the display of MacBook Retina display and Apple’s iMac. Also, Apple failed in installing filters for the computers vents which […]

Apple launches entrepreneur camp: App development program to support females

In a first of its kind, Apple has announced the launch of the unprecedented Entrepreneur Camp, a programme designed to create new opportunities for app-driven businesses owned or led by women which include an intensive technology lab, specialized support, and ongoing mentoring as part of its efforts. Eligibility for the programme requires the application to […]

Apple A13 processor revealed; To be launched by a new generation of iPhone next year

As per the information, the launch of Apple A13 processor by a new generation of iPhone is almost confirmed by next year. The codename of the model Apple A13 processor T8030 is changed from wind series to lightning. After the news arrived about the coming of Qualcomm’s flagship processor, today Longhorn the cracker of Window ARM […]

New Apple products appear on Amazon in the U.S.

Two weeks ago the world’s one of the biggest online retail stores, Amazon made an agreement with Apple that it will sell more Apple products. Following this, a selection of Apple products is already available on Amazon in the United States. Some of the Apple products available on Amazon include the latest iPad Pro, Apple […]

Google Assistant for iOS now supports Siri shortcuts

The Google Assistant app now became much easier to use for iOS users, after the app gained support for Siri shortcuts, making it easily accessible. The app description on the app store now reads, “We added support for Siri Shortcuts to make it even easier to access your Assistant.” Additionally, users can now set up […]

Apple acquires lightweight software focused Artificial Intelligence startup Silk Labs

A report by The Information suggests that Apple has acquired Silk Labs, an artificial intelligence business startup focusing on “software lightweight enough to fit onto consumer hardware like cameras.” As with most of the deals struck by Apple, information regarding this deal is also sparse. Reports do suggest, however, that the deal was struck by […]

Apple slashed production orders for three new iPhones unveiled in September

According to the Wall Street Journal reports Apple had cut down the production orders for three iPhone models which were launched in September. It had lower than expected demand for the new iPhones and it was the decision to display more models as it was difficult to expect the number of the components and the […]

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak expresses scepticism regarding self driving cars

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, had bought a Tesla to see for himself the advancements being made where self-driven cars are concerned. However, at an interview with CNBC, Wozniak expressed his skepticism regarding self-driven cars, propping his own Tesla up as an example. According to Wozniak Tesla makes, “so many mistakes, it really convinced me that […]

WinX MediaTrans: Transfer and backup iOS data without iTunes

WinX MediaTrans, the iPhone and iPad Manager that claims to know Windows users better than Apple’s own iTunes, is all set to provide an alternative to the frustrating ways of iTunes. Jam-packed with features, WinX MediaTrans is here to provide solutions like one-click installation, user-friendly interface, quick connecting service for iDevice, easier file syncing for […]