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Apple applies for a trademark of Bald Eagle 5G network services

Last year there were rumors, Apple will not release a smartphone that supports the 5G network until 2020. The 5G iPhone would use an Intel modem, but Apple is not yet satisfied with the quality of the 8161 chip. This would make a launch in 2019 unachievable. However, at the end of last year, Bloomberg […]

iPhone SE 2: Concept video brags an edge-to-edge display via notch and a full glass rear

Apple is avidly moving on with its Face ID feature which the iPhone XR has paved for the non-flagship Face ID phones. Contrary to what we have previously seen, we now no longer believe the design of a new SE 2 would be built upon the iPhone 8. Instead, it can be more akin to […]

Apple faces new class action for making two-factor authentication unduly difficult

Apple may now face new charges as a plaintiff named Jay Brodsky has filed with California Court, a formal complaint against the conglomerate for the approval of a further Class Action. Brodsky is demanding action against Apple for allegedly locking him out of his personal devices by devising an unduly difficult two-factor authentication system which […]

Apple and Intel patents for an MR headset with chemical sense response

In the long term, Apple has unveiled big plans for a VR system to deliver a great experience in context with next-gen autonomous technology. In the short term, Apple continues to bring new patents on AR and VR systems, and recently Apple is taking its time to deliver a great new iDevice for their global […]

Apple to compensate the teen for reporting about the FaceTime bug

Last week, Apple had to temporarily disable the Group FaceTime feature on iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave after it discovered that a bug in the app allowed people to listen on the conversation even when they had not received the call. And now, the company has released a software update to fix the flaw. The […]

Apple App store suspected of bugs; users facing update issues

A report earlier claimed that Apple was postponing some of the major features it had planned for iOS 12 to concentrate on fixing bugs in the code. Just over the year, we saw both macOS and iOS hit by several high-profile bugs. Recently, specific complaints were marked by iPhone users regarding the app upgrade issue […]

Apple temporarily disables Group FaceTime to fix a bug

A major bug has been discovered affecting group FaceTime on Apple iOS and macOS, following which Apple has decided to disable the app temporarily. This is a server-side change that has been in effect while Apple is trying to come up with a permanent solution for the problem which is expected to be delivered “later […]

Apple shows acute interest in AR tech suppliers at CES 2019; indicates it’s working on AR glasses

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2019 bore witness to the presence of a number of incognito Apple engineers and key personnel including employees of known subsidiaries, who met with AR waveguide suppliers the likes of Lumus, DigiLens, Vuzix, and WaveOptics. This marks a similarity with what meetings Apple had participated in CES 2018, and […]

Apple electric car project, Titan may be dead as it lays off over 200 employees

An Apple representative acknowledged that Apple has dismissed just over 200 employees from its autonomous vehicle initiative Project, Titan. The statement does not offer specifics on whether all or some of the 200 employees were dismissed or just reassigned to different parts of the company. In August 2018, Tesla’s former engineering Vice President Doug Field […]

Upgrade to 7th-Gen Touch for Apple iPods and USB-C Connectivity for iPhones

A Japanese site, Mac Otakara, has cited several websites to claim that a seventh-generation touch model for iPods may be in the works. This is also tied up with news of a shift from Lightning to USB-S connectivity in Apple iPhones. Coming to iPods, the rumor, apparently backed by the suppliers at CES 2019, suggests […]

Leak suggests three exciting new features in upcoming Apple XI

A report from 9to5Mac has alleged that financial giant Barclays, has let it slip to the investors that Apple is all set to make three significant changes in the upcoming Apple iPhone XI. The latest Apple devices, despite a significant shift in design, continue to be criticized for their lack of innovative form factors. The […]

Apple demanded $1 billion in U.S and $145 million in China from Qualcomm

Apple and Qualcomm have engaged in what appears to be a long drawn brawl. Apple Inc. asked Qualcomm $1 billion as an “incentive payment” in order for Qualcomm to become the supplier of modem chips for Apple’s iPhone. This tug-and-war game has been going on for quite some time between Apple and Qualcomm. Previously Qualcomm […]