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Adobe presents Fresco – A new iPad painting app for professionals and amateurs

Adobe revealed Fresco – A new drawing and painting app for the iPad and other Tablets. The company’s new painting and design app that has functions for both amateurs who want to practice or have fun as well as professionals who wish to create incredible works in illustration and painting. Fresco has been named after […]

Instagram is testing a new method to recover hacked accounts

Instagram is testing a new feature to prevent cyber hackers from hijacking “high profile” accounts with which they can later request some kind of ” ransom“. The same case has been exposed by the actress Bella Thorne, who got her account hacked on Instagram and was threatened to publish her private photos if she did […]

Uber, PayPal, and Visa to support Facebook crypto GlobalCoin

New information suggests that Facebook would have the support of Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Uber, and other companies for the development of the GlobalCoin. During the last weeks, there is a lot of talk about digital currency based on Facebook cryptography. There is a lot of possibility of it coming in the next few days. Not […]

Uber Eats conducts tests for food delivery via drones

Uber Eats is testing the first commercial application of food delivery via smart drones in high-density urban areas, as announced during the Uber Elevate 2019 Summit, held on June 11 and 12, in Washington, DC, which is a sample of what the future of food delivery will be like. After testing food transfer via drones […]

Telegram accuses China of cyber attack during protests in Hong Kong

The population is demonstrating massively these days in Hong Kong before the possible approval of the law of extracición to Mainland China. Organizing part of the protests through Telegram, the platform claims to be under a great attack of with Chinese DDOS service. Pavel Durov, CEO of the Telegram messaging service, has accused the Chinese […]

Apple released a new version of iCloud for Windows 10

Apple released a new iCloud for Windows 10 app designed specifically for PCs, according to a blog post shared by Microsoft. The new app is designed to enable Apple users to access their iCloud content on their Windows 10 PCs. The brand new iCloud for Windows app is available in the Microsoft Store for Windows […]

Walmart to start in-home deliveries starting this fall

Walmart has started a new in-home delivery option, as has been announced by Walmart today at its annual shareholders meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas. This in-home delivery project is led by Bart Stein who has been surreptitiously testing in-home delivery with customers of Walmart in New Jersey. To avail Walmart’s in-home delivery, customers must have Walmart […]

StyleSnap launched for Amazon Fashion to enhance customer experience

On June 5, Amazon introduced a new feature called StyleSnap for Amazon Fashion at the ‘re: MARS’ 2019 conference being held at Las Vegas. Amazon StyleSnap, The AI-powered feature aims to simplify customer experience while shopping in so far as the customer can upload on StyleSnap a photo of any particular item of clothing that […]

Skype update launches screen sharing for Android and iOS

Skype has introduced its popular screen sharing feature into mobile calling experience on Android and iOS, as per the Skype blog post dated June 4, to facilitate easy screen sharing for people across all ages and all regions. One only has to start a Skype call, tap the newly redesigned “…” menu and start sharing […]

Stations, the Spotify streaming app, is now available on iOS

A year ago Spotify launched Stations, a music streaming app similar to free radio. Since then, little has been known about the platform, which until now was only available in Australia for Android devices. However, this week Spotify has launched app support for iOS devices. Such support remains exclusive to Australia, but it expands access […]

Google Map’s public transport feature expands to optimize travel plans

Commuting daily is as hectic as it sounds, waiting for long hours roadside for a means of public transport to haggling endlessly is like a war every day. So for the millions of Indians, Google has introduced three new features starting Tuesday that will let Indian users optimize their travel plans. We have focused on […]

Pokémon GO will stop working on the Apple Watch in July

Announced in September 2016 and released a couple of months later, the compatibility of the Pokémon GO app with the Apple Watch did not allow to play the mobile game in Apple’s smartwatch, but it was useful to show complementary data to the experience. Some data that the synchro-adventure function also offers, and therefore makes […]