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UPDATE: Google and Apple Store blocks access to TikTok in India

Update Lately, Google has blocked access to TikTok in its Play store in India to comply with the court’s directive. TikTok was available on the App stores of both Google and Apple until Tuesday evening but is no longer available for downloads on both platforms. Early, this month the Madras High Court directed the center […]

Sony to launch UsNow video chat software, a Skype-like app for smartphones

The Japanese Sony has been carrying Xperia smartphones for years. The first device dates from 2008, but the Xperia X1 was released under the flag of Sony Ericsson. It took until 2012 before Sony would buy out its partner Ericsson. Xperia smartphones have a distinctive, contemporary design. Sony, therefore, tries to provide its devices with […]

Bharti Airtel, FLO launches MyCircle app for Women’s Safety

Bharti Airtel launched a new mobile app designed specifically for women’s safety. The new app which was developed in collaboration with FICCI Ladies Organisation or FLO is called MyCircle. It was launched on Sunday. The app will help women if and when they find themselves in trouble or face any panic situations. Bharti Airtel said […]

Reliance Jio News App: An online News aggregator for Android and iOS devices

Reliance Jio announced the launch of a digital product called Jio News. It is a consolidated offering of JioXpressNews, JioMags, and JioNewsPaper with an additional offering of live TV and videos. All existing users of these apps will be migrated to Jio News. Jio News has been completely redesigned to offer a lot more content. […]

5 Apps to download Torrent files on an Android mobile

Not too long ago, the download of torrents was done exclusively with the computer. Even to download files through P2P programs like eMule. Now, with our small pocket computer called a mobile phone, we can download files without installing heavy programs, without having to be, almost, an expert to open ports on our router to […]

Uber vouchers launched for businesses to provide complimentary services

On Tuesday, Uber launched an initiative that makes taking and paying for cars more easier for business travelers and the companies footing for their bills. A new initiative instead of printing out receipts for Uber trips. Through this, a company can seamlessly set up an account with Uber, complete with corporate payment info, then invite […]

WhatsApp Business App Paves its way to iPhone

WhatsApp has launched the WhatsApp Business App for iOS. While the app has been available for small business owners on Android for a while now, starting today, even iOS users shall be able to avail the app by downloading it from the Apple App Store. WhatsApp Business App for iOS includes some well-loved features. This include ‘Business […]

WhatsApp’s Privacy Settings will help you decide who can add you to groups

WhatsApp has been gaining popularity as a messaging platform since its inception, and WhatsApp Groups have become an effective way of efficiently communicating with some people simultaneously. But what if the Groups allow for in effective communication, they react in a dire lack of privacy. To smoothen out this issue, WhatsApp has now decided to […]

Snapchat tests Foursquare checks-in

Snapchat tries several methods to get ahead of Instagram, but its latest version is clearly not up to the rival competition and mark. Now a famous code developer, Jane Manchun Wong discovered Snapchat Status, a feature that checks you in Foursquare style on a Snap Map, not only showing where you are but also signaling […]

I’m seeing Ads in YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. Is a bug going around?

Last month Google has announced that YouTube Music, YouTube Music Premium, and YouTube Premium have all launched in India. And within a month of their launch, premium subscribers have started taking to the platforms like Reddit and Twitter complaining about the issues that they are facing. Hi @YouTube. Uh! Question: Why am I seeing ads […]

Starbucks plans to build app and card to convert crypto for fiat in their US stores

Starbucks has reportedly entered into a partnership with Bakkt, the US cryptocurrency platform, in order to achieve the first cryptocurrency exchange-traded fund (ETF). As per the agreement between Starbucks and Bakkt, even though Starbucks is not a cash investor in Bakkt, it receives a considerable amount of equity. Starbucks plans to develop applications and possibly […]

YouTube TV is expanding to cover every television market in the U.S.

YouTube TV launched in the last market they had to add Glendive, Montana making the services go official really nationwide in the U.S. In January, YouTube TV expanded from just over 100 markets to nearly 98% of the country. In the past, it was only rolled out in new markets when local ABC, NBC, FOX, […]