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Spotify lands for the Indian music lovers in premium and ad-supported versions

Although Google heads the number one spot when it comes to music app downloads, in counting India’s subscription, Jio’s acquisition of music-streaming portal Saavn is heating up competition for Google. Indigenous music streaming services such as Gaana and Saavn have also helped raise money from prominent investors such as Tiger Global and Tencent. And now, Spotify has […]

5 Investment apps with different benefits to suit your needs

The stock market and investment options may seem like a complicated hobby to get into; however investment apps are making it easier than ever for anyone to make some money on the side and enjoy themselves while they do it. But with this new trend, comes multiple apps to choose from, and if you don’t […]

Jio Group Talk; a group conferencing call app on Android

Reliance Jio recently launched an app which has made a very complex Task of establishing a conference call leisurely within a single tap. The 4G network has now introduced a new service via an app the Jio Group Talk for Android. The app also comes with features like lecture mode, the ability to mute participants, […]

Spotify’s Word now streams Audiobooks, Short Stories, poetry and more

Spotify now proves that it is not just for music lovers and that it’s got a lot more to offer than good tunes. You’ve got a different taste as well as you can now stream audiobooks, radio dramas, language lessons, famous speeches, and more for free. Platforms like Spotify make it possible for not only music […]

Infosys’ app InfyTQ attracts engineering students but ultimately disappoints in overall experience

Infosys, India’s second largest IT firm, has launched a learning app called InfyTQ for engineering students of the country, so as to develop skills of students and help them be ready to face the employment scene. The platform developed by Infosys, InfyTQ, focuses on aiding technical education and development of soft skills of engineering students. […]

KT launches Air Map Korea to provide info on the presence of fine dust in the air

Korea’s leading telecom company, KT released a mobile phone app on Monday which will be able to monitor the air quality and provide information on fine dust. The Aircheck is done for not only the area surrounding the phone but also of the entire nation. The information that the users will get will be in […]

6 Tools, apps and platforms to help you Monetize more mobile customers

Is it extreme to say that mobile marketing is sort of like a modern-day gold rush? Not really. After all, people are spending more time staring at their smartphone screens that even before. This rings true when it comes to engaging with content, chatting it up on social media and purchasing products. But oddly enough, […]

How Premium apps survive in Freemium world

How many apps do you have on your phone? Do you keep track of which ones you pay for, and why you pay for them? Maybe you don’t pay for many apps. That’s the norm given; many of the apps in the marketplace today are free to install. So how do apps make money? Since […]

Amazon launches UPI payment services for Android users in India

On Thursday, Amazon, in a partnership with Axis Bank, launched the ‘Amazon Pay Unified Payments Interface (UPI)’ for Android users all over India. This new payment system ensures safe and secure online financial transaction and a much faster payment process. The UPI service lets customers pay for their daily purchases on directly from their bank […]

Users can now transfer Litecoin using Spend mobile app

Recent events have been pointing towards the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency in the near future, and Litecoin, the fifth largest cryptocurrency according to CoinMarketCap, seems to show support too. Users can now buy, sell, as well as pay using Litecoin at more than 40 million locations, across more than 180 countries worldwide, using the mobile […]

Instagram is aware that yours followers are significantly deflating

In November of 2018, Instagram announced that they would be taking measures to “reduce inauthentic activity” in the social network. What this meant is that they were going to start eliminating ‘likes’, comments and fake followers, especially from accounts that were using third-party apps to artificially inflate their popularity. Today, a lot of users of […]

WhatsApp beta testing new UI for settings menu and other changes

WhatsApp is all set to be revamped as its latest beta version goes live for testers. With a build number of v2.19.45, the beta version has a completely new ‘Settings’ menu, complete with the relocation of a few existing icons and introduction of some new ones, besides a completely new user interface. In the first […]