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Uber rolls out the new VoIP Free call to driver feature of its app in India

It seems like Uber has enabled a new feature that allows users to make free calls to the designated driver with the help of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Uber has also enabled VoIP-based calling for its driver partners so that the driver too would be able to make free calls to the potential riders. […]

Popular iPhone apps reportedly recording screens without users’ knowledge

Although Apple posits itself as a champion of privacy and security, apps like Google and Facebook had flouted its policies openly when they paid users to install logging apps from sources besides the App store, thereby abusing their Enterprise Certificates. And this has been followed by an unveiling of the fact that some of the […]

Skype video calls can now blur backgrounds; a webcam’s portrait mode

The video conferencing service Skype has introduced a new blurred background feature for more distraction-free video calling. The feature was first introduced in the company’s Teams collaboration app, and it has finally made its way to Skype. According to Skype’s announcement, the new feature works like the background blur functionality in Microsoft Teams, which was […]

Adobe Premiere CC could burst the speakers of your MacBook Pro

Software bugs can be very annoying, they can even make you lose all your work, but usually, they are usually harmless. This is not the case, users have now reportedly discovered a very dangerous Adobe Premiere CC bug that can seriously damage Apple’s MacBook Pro speakers. There are more than a dozen users who have […]

VLC Media Player Update: VLC 4.0 adding new UI, media library browser and VR support

At the FOSDEM developer event, Jean-Baptiste Kempf shared additional details regarding the fourth major update for the VLC media player, which will be version 4.0. The new update under the hood will have some changes, it will include support for 3D and VR, and also will bring media library to other platforms that are already included in VLC […]

Spammers beware! WhatsApp weeds out spam, bulk and automated messaging

The virtual world of multimedia messaging apps has taken hold as the primary medium of our daily conversation, creating a lot of scope for spam, bulk, and automated messages. Set in this scenario, one of the most popular messaging/chat apps, WhatsApp released new white-paper containing the specifics of how the company fights spam, bulk, and […]

How to download and install GbWhatsapp for Android

WhatsApp one of the most widely and loved messaging app in the world used by billions. Everyone in our time from different age group spends some time on WhatsApp. People use the popular messaging app for checking someone’s status, or reading messages or sending pictures or videos. With the advent of WhatsApp, communication has become more simplified, and sharing […]

Instagram may be testing out Prototype Account Linking feature

Facebook may be disliked by the teens, but the social media app still makes its presence felt due to the fact of its account allowing links to other apps without the need to sign in with different usernames and passwords separately. While the teenagers’ displeasure with Facebook is affecting its ad revenue, their loyalty towards […]

5 Must have Android apps for your smartphone in 2019

Android has been emerged to be one of the most beautiful operating systems over the last few years. It not only has provided a great platform for the users to work upon, but also have introduced a large number of applications as well that makes it easy to perform a variety of tasks seamlessly. It […]

Say ‘Hello’ to crystal clear audio with two new Google apps

Technology has been the key to revolutionizing the lives of millions across the globe, shaping our lives and easing it out for us, and how. Diseases, impairments, and health hazards have been alleviated considerably over the years, thanks to steady advancements in medical science and technology. The condition of hearing loss, one such problem, is […]

Google Maps booze-delivery scam to dupe people in India

Scammers have found a new avenue for frauding unsuspecting victims: Google Maps. Google Maps are used by millions of users every day to find a place to eat or to help users plan out their journey. However, Google Maps has become the most recent platform for a simple, yet effective scam. Fraudsters in India have […]

WhatsApp testing Fingerprint and Face ID for securing chats for iOS

WhatsApp is testing a new feature for its iOS users which shall include securing chats with fingerprint or Face ID, much unto the way users currently unlock their phones. WeBetainfo reports that WhatsApp is currently using Apple’s TestFlight beta programme to test out this security-heavy feature, with the latest beta update introducing it. The […]