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Portugal-based using NVIDIA powered AI solution for smarter forest management

Despite the statistics about the value of our natural resources, we are mostly going blind when it comes to resource’s current state and how to protect them. To combat the current climate change more effectively also feeding the overgrowing population, and protecting marine resources, we need to close that information gap and do so as soon as possible. […]

Here’s everything NVIDIA launched at CES 2019: A summary

The developer and manufacturer of graphics cards, NVIDIA, had started the new edition of CES 2019 with many products launched in its sleeve. The chip maker has chosen the event to present their new mid-range graphics card, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060. They have also presented its GeForce RTX range for laptops as well as […]

A new AI could prevent users from sharing Netflix credentials with other users

While sharing our Netflix credentials with a family member is more or less well seen, it is not at all clear whether companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime would like you to share your password with your neighbors or friends. That is why right now a London-based company called Synamedia, intends to help these pay-TV […]

Microsoft joins hands with Adaptive Biotechnologies to decode human immune system

Microsoft announced a partnership with Adaptive Biotechnologies – a biotechnology company – to detect cancers and other deadly diseases at the very early stage. The based company to use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology of Microsoft to build individual disease diagnostics of the patients starting from the blood test. The partnership agreement is not just […]

TrailGuard will use Intel’s AI to rescue in poaching of African elephants

Currently, there are technological solutions to the poaching of animals in danger of extinction. However, these alternatives are usually limited to monitoring hunters when they are ready to operate their weapons or when they have already done so. The nonprofit organization Resolve has put forward a different way to solve the problem and has developed […]

Samsung to showcase eight innovative AI projects at CES 2019

Today, Samsung announced that they will showcase eight new innovative projects based-on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and developed from Creative Lab program from 8th of January to 11th at the Eureka Park at the CES 2019. All the eight start-ups that have been developed by the C-Lab (Creative-Lab), will be showcasing their recently released commercial products to […]

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence will completely transform businesses

Artificial intelligence trains machines and devices are to learn from human intelligence and wisdom to make logical and smart decisions. We are all familiar with Siri; a chatbot in iOS that addresses queries, makes phone calls, shares meanings, synonyms, and antonyms, writes text messages, records and sends audio, and more. Artificial intelligence has evolved exponentially […]

IBM introduces Spectrum AI with NVIDIA DGX for development on AI

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning projects are expanding rapidly. It is predicted that by the year 2021, 75 percent of commercial enterprise apps, over 90 percent of consumer interaction with support bots, and over 50 percent of new industrial robots will leverage AI. To develop these AI models in future and to streamline […]

Artificial Intelligence: The evolution of healthcare

Over the past five decades, technology has evolved at a breakneck speed. However, it is important to note that technological advancements, both big and small, do not just appear out of thin air. It takes copious amounts of brainpower across multiple fields to ensure that the technology used in everyday life is constantly pushing the […]

Amazon announces free Machine Learning courses for their consumers

Amazon on Monday announced for the first time that it will be offering the same Machine Learning (ML) course for consumers which they use to train their own engineers, the course will be available on Amazon Web Services. This will include digital courses that are provided free for developers, data platform engineer, business professionals, data […]

Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 announced with enhanced gaming and AI capabilities

The latest entry to the Qualcomm’s mid-range Snapdragon 600 series is made as the company has introduced the Snapdragon 675 Mobile Platform. The new Snapdragon 675 chipset is a direct successor to the current generation Snapdragon 670 which was only announced back in August. There are basically three areas that Snapdragon 675 covers as the […]

Deep learning contouring to benefit target-specific Radiation Therapy

Makeup lovers might only know to contour as a way of highlighting facial features, but a technique by the same name is used to determine extremely precise radiation therapy treatment. Once the doctors have identified the size and shape of the tumor in diagrammatic detail, contouring helps them design specific target volumes for radiation therapy. […]