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Samsung ranks top in two of world’s top competitions on global AI machine reading

Samsung announced today, July 9 that its advanced R&D division Samsung Research has topped in two of the world’s major competitions on global AI machine reading comprehension. The first was the MAchine Reading COmprehension Competition (MARCO) arranged for by Microsoft. Samsung’s second similar achievement via displaying excellence in AI algorithm came in TriviaQA hosted by […]

NVIDIA’s Deep Learning software and GPUs are being used to discover medical treatments

With the culture and progress of Artificial Intelligence in modern times, unbelievable possibilities are coming up every now and then. Unbelievable for now, but then: once fire itself was the same for humans! The discovering potential of using AI has its latest finding in the field of medical research. It is now possible to analyze […]

How Deepmind’s latest AI insinuate machines that think more like us

Can machines think like a human? It was just a dream before the great technological revolution, but now it’s the biggest reality of our lives. The internet and technology side by side has made this world a global village. Thanks to Comcast deals. I always stay updated with the news and views of the world. […]

7 Artificial Intelligence technologies that will change the future of business

Artificial intelligence is not an exclusive technology to high-tech companies, nor it is something that will happen in the future. But it is already a reality which is capable of transforming organizations of all sizes. Undoubtedly, this technology is radically changing the way we work and do business, given that 80% of executives think that […]

Veo AI Camera provides world class analysis on football practices

Copenhagen-based startup Veo created an AI-powered camera for professional football (soccer for American readers) coaches and players to better understand and accordingly further develop their games and strategies. The Denmark football camera can be placed midway on the touchline of a football field, and it will be able to cover the entire field. It is […]

Researchers at MIT has created a new ‘psychotic’ AI named Norman

Researchers at MIT have created a new AI called Norman. But this AI is not just another typical AI which will help everyone filter the Facebook news feed or recommend songs on Spotify. The researchers at MIT has said that they have created a ‘psychopath AI’ as a “case study on the dangers of artificial […]

How AI and Deep Learning can use Ultrasound to beat Cancer well in time

Young Viksit Kumar lost his mother to Ovarian Cancer, which was detected at a stage too late for any recovery through chemotherapy. Had his mother’s condition been detected earlier, it could’ve perhaps been a different story altogether. This jolt stirred Vikas to switch roads from mechanical engineering to being a medical student, to currently being […]

Enhanced Deep Learning computer performance by AutoAugment

Computer performance is based on the labeled training data – the quality, diversity and the amount of training data. But the collection of the commensurate quality data is a tough nut and includes hardcoding image symmetries into neural network architectures for improved performance. Another way is to get experts to manually design data augmentation methods […]

NVIDIA announces partnership with MOST and unveils Issac platform

NVIDIA announced its recently developed platform Isaac for fueling the next generation of autonomous machines on June 3. It has also announced an agreement with MOST, Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan, for advancing the nation’s Artificial intelligence capabilities. Isaac was launched by founder and CEO Jensen Huang at Computex 2018. It features new […]

Intel invites developers for innovative ideas to render AI at Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Intel at its AI DevCon on today, May 24 has launched the Intel AI Challenge for the Olympic Games, via which it is inviting AI developers across the world to come up with innovative ideas to render AI in Olympic Games. Intel is a worldwide TOP partner and AI Platform Partner for the Olympic Games […]

Facebook introduces open AI frameworks and new AR/VR advancements at F8 2018

At the F8 2018 Day 2 in San Jose, California yesterday, May 3, Facebook provided details on three areas it is focusing on long-term investments. These are connectivity, Artificial intelligence, and AR/VR. While going forward with advances on AI and AR/VR, a ‘strong internet connection’ is the prime necessity, and about 3.8 billion people in […]

Microsoft to bring forward Industry 4.0 with IoT and AI

The mixing of smart sensors with Artificial Intelligence is all set to give a new shape to the industrial world. Experts are expecting a new industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 to happen very soon as a consequence of taking up many new and advanced technologies by the industrial enterprises. Microsoft Industry 4.0 will be mainly […]