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Why is AI incorporation in business development crucial in 2018?

It’s surprising when a trendy tech buzzword becomes practically viral, no? This is what happened with artificial intelligence. It started in the late nineties and took a spin in the twenty-first century! The gaining momentum and the ever-growing advancement in artificial intelligence have left every business company, marketing sector, and the financial firms spell-bounded. New […]

MIT researchers develops new method of mapping roads using aerial images

Even if we are in the 21st century, digital transformation has not fully covered the counties in developing nations – there are still 20 million miles of roads on our planet not under the purview of modern technology. This created a huge problem in the age of technology where almost everything is digitalized. Nowadays, most […]

Sony partners with Carnegie Mellon University to research on AI and Robotics

Sony announced today, April 19 that it signed a research agreement with Carnegie Mellon University via the former’s American subsidiary, Sony Corporation of America. The research will be based on artificial intelligence and robotics. Initially, they will cover optimizing food preparation, cooking, and delivery. Robots can be trained on varied and complex tasks related to food […]

Artificial Intelligence helping businesses to find frauds using deep autoencoder networks

Businesses have found an ideal way to detect fraudulence and take actions. Auditors are possessing a new defensive tool on this: artificial intelligence. Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that an organization can lose about 5% of its annual revenue to fraud. This is where AI comes up to anomaly detect frauds. Marco Schreyer, a […]

IBM Watson Data Kits launched : AI about to see its enterprise adoption boom

In order to accelerate the adoption of AI into industry-specific scenarios, IBM Watson Data Kits are now here. These new enterprise-based, machine-readable data sets are designed to quicken the workflow via AI-based training. The initially produced kits are designed specifically to serve the industries such as travel, transportation, and food – which are to see […]

Amazon added support to Alexa as it enables calling and messaging to tablets

The feature that lets users place voice and video calls from Alexa devices like Echo speaker, is now available on tablets. Amazon introduced Alexa calling and messaging feature in May 2017, a free-to-use feature that lets users of Alexa app and owners of Amazon Echo make and receive calls and messages. Today, Amazon has announced […]

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the field of education

Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Education has been a thing since the uptick of AI in the 1980s. Education and AI seem to be made for each other in many ways. We utilize education as a means to develop minds that are capable of expanding the knowledge pool, while AI offers tools for building a more detailed […]

Alibaba is set for digital transformation in Europe with its AI and cloud solutions

This Tuesday, by launching new products, Alibaba just reminded people of their cloud computing presence in Europe. These cloud products are based on Alibaba artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. Similar products have already been released by the Chinese company in China and other markets. It seems they are finally ready to challenge Microsoft and Amazon. […]

MWC 2018: Telefonica brings Aura the Assistant and Moviestar Home, the home device

Yesterday, February 26 at the MWC in Barcelona, Telefonica launched Aura (AI-powered digital assistant) in 6 countries and announced Moviestar Home (smart home device). Both the technologies were exhibited by company chairman-CEO Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete. According to Chema Alonso, chief data officer for the Spanish telco giant, these devices are ‘just the beginning.’ The company […]

A gesture controlled drone from Samsung, patent published officially

It is well known that AI (artificial intelligence) is going to capture the technical field exhaustively in forthcoming years. Automation has already hit the market. So, talking about AI and automation, robots and drones come to our mind naturally. Scientists have been working on this area for the past several years and the evolution is […]

Alexa can send SMS to contacts in your mobile, now the feature is limited in US only

Google has recently unveiled the Smart Display at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. It is basically a modified Google Assistant that comes with screen and speakers manufactured by LG and Sony. These are expected to compete with Amazon’s Echo Show and Echo Spot. Naturally, the competition in the virtual assistant market has gone fiercer. Amazon, […]

How are AI and machine learning helping in building advanced mobile apps?

Till now, most of us are aware of Artificial Intelligence(AI). With AI penetrating in almost every sector, mobile apps are also coming under the radar of the same. Researchers have predicted that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will come together as a team and will help in streamlining programming and meet several business demands in […]