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LG to showcase three new concept robots at CES 2018

The latest additions to the list of exhibits at next week’s CES 2018 are LG’s three new concept robots that are meant for commercial use in restaurants, airports, and marts. The new robots are an extensive part of the company’s one-year-old robot lineup and freshest highlights of its leading robotics technology. These robots are also […]

China to build a $2.1 billion technology park for developing artificial intelligence

2018 ushers in China’s new plans for building a Research Park to develop Artificial Intelligence, worth 13.8 billion yuan ($2.1 billion) pursuant to their blueprint of completing its construction by 2023 and their aim of being the world leader in AI by 2030. Xinhua, the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China has […]

Empower, Experience, Empathy: Honda’s ‘3e robotic concepts’ to be unveiled at CES 2018

Honda is set to introduce new robotics concepts at CES 2018, pursuant to the success of CES 2017, advancing both in terms of adorableness and making our lives easier, at the technology show in Las Vegas, USA. The company has envisioned assistance to people from these bots, at the workplace, for recreational purposes, empathetic companionship […]

Alibaba Cloud upgraded its artificial intelligence platform ET to ET Brain

The cloud computing subsidiary of Alibaba Group has upgraded ET to ET Brain, as revealed by Min Wanli, the Chief Scientist in machine learning of the company. The Alibaba Cloud ET was unveiled in 2016 with single intelligent capability. Its upgraded module now packs multiple intelligent capabilities to serve multi-industry applications. In 2016, ET had integrations […]

Baidu and Huawei partners to grab AI ​​smart device market

Baidu and Huawei have jointly created an open AI mobile ecosystem for developing a new generation of smartphones. Baidu’s AI service Brain and Huawei’s AI platform HiAI, along with hardware and software technologies of both the companies have been infused together for creating the ecosystem. The creation was jointly announced by the Chinese players on last Thursday. […]

Tech Mahindra opens AI lab in Shanghai in collaboration with Gao Feng

Indian software major Tech Mahindra officially announced that they will be setting up a joint Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab in Shanghai in collaboration with global management consulting firm Gao Feng. Gao Feng Advisory Company is a renowned global strategy and management consulting firm with its strong roots in China. The motive of this overseas expansion […]

LG Uplus joined hands with Naver to cater artificial intelligence speaker market

As per revenue, LG Uplus is currently the third-largest mobile carrier in South Korea. This Monday, they officially announced their collaboration with the country’s No.1 search engine Naver. Together, they are eyeing the growing artificial intelligence speaker market which is already donned by powerhouses like SK Telecom and KT. As a result of the collaboration, […]

5 major influences of Artificial Intelligence to the healthcare industry

Artificial Intelligence or AI sounds very technical and scientific, futuristic even to the ears of ordinary people. We see this thing mostly in sci-fi movies and sometimes in the news where new and intelligent robots newly invented or created are being featured. These scientific developments on AI often make one ask where and how these […]

Google brain cofounder Andrew Ng unveils to help manufacturing get into intelligence

Today, Andrew Ng, one of the pioneers of AI technology has revealed his new startup that will make intelligence undergo manufacturing. is a company that helps the manufacturing sectors to get transformed into AI companies. Ng particularly picked the manufacturing sectors to get help from the machine learning techniques as well. He believes AI […]

Google to open AI research lab in Beijing to work with the best AI talent

Today, Google announced that it’s opening a research lab dedicated to AI in Beijing. As the Chinese government and tech companies are ‘dominating’ in the concerned industry, Google would not want to skip any opportunity to go for a setup closer to the leading ‘happening hub.’ The lab will have a small team of researchers […]

Samsung Launches “SAIT”, AI Lab In Montreal, Canada

Samsung has never compromised in upgrading their tech gadgets with time. They always look forward to keeping their loyal customers happy and satisfied. Thusly, an AI lab was established on August 17 in Montreal, Canada named Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (hereinafter referred to as “SAIT”). SAIT has been collaborating with Professor Yoshua Bengio of […]

Samsung QLED TV Changes the Future Viewing, Merges TV and AI

According to a prediction by International Data Corporation (IDC), “Global spending on cognitive and AI solutions will continue to see significant corporate investment over the next several years, achieving a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 54.4% through 2020 when revenues will be more than $46 billion”. The features of AI will show their significant […]