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Sony PlayStation AR wireless headset with 3D cameras to be in development

The Sony PlayStation 5 game console is under development and has been in the news a lot lately. The PS5 will be released at the end of next year, the manufacturer has since confirmed. Sony Interactive Entertainment is still developing a headset for AR (Augmented Reality) gaming. There are some significant differences between Augmented Reality […]

Tilt Five game board with AR glasses lets you experience 3D hologram games

A startup company Tilt Five has developed a particular game system, which can experience your games as a 3D hologram. For this, you first have to put the supplied Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. The advantage of AR over VR (Virtual Reality) is that only elements are added to the real world. So you can still […]

Launch of closed beta of Minecraft Earth in 2 weeks, android soon

The official Minecraft website has announced that the launch date of the closed beta version of Minecraft Earth for iOS is only a fortnight away and the Android version will be launched soon after. The closed beta of the Minecraft Earth will allow the participation of only a limited number of people from pre-selected locations. […]

Samsung’s patent marks its venture into AR glasses with frames that automatically turn on and off device

The US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Samsung on July 11, which indicates the South-Korean multinational conglomerate’s venture into augmented reality (AR). The published patent shows AR glasses with a display and a frame that automatically powers the device on and off. Samsung has previously worked on virtual reality (VR) but […]

Minecraft Earth, augmented reality game of Minecraft Closed Beta announced

Microsoft has finally shown the first gameplay of Minecraft Earth, its augmented reality game for mobile devices in the style of Pokémon GO. As in Pokémon GO and the recent Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Minecraft Earth shows a map that reflects our real-world environment, in this case using the Minecraft block aesthetic. The new announcement […]

Gucci adds AR technology to its app for fitting sneakers

The popular brand Gucci has added AR technology to its mobile app, which can be used to try on sneakers. When you hover the camera of the smartphone on the feet, the shoes are “worn” on the feet. In the Gucci mobile app for iOS, an update appeared – augmented reality technology, with the help […]

MWC 2019, Shanghai: Vivo AR Glasses with Jovi Assistant support announced

As you know, AR technology (Augmented Reality) is becoming increasingly a concern not only for consumers but it also encourages the development of new AR-based applications such as ARCore, Ikea Place and some games such as Pokemon Go and more. Vivo augmented reality glasses comes pre-installed with the support of Jovi’s personal assistant. The user […]

Google ARCore now compatible with OnePlus 7,7 Pro and 7 Pro 5G

A few years ago, Google made its Project Tango announcement which required three cameras to bring Augmented Reality to life. But due to certain complications with the execution, the project never really materialized beyond a couple of devices. While Apple introduced ARKit that uses a single camera on iPhones to bring Augmented Reality (AR) to […]

Lenovo presents its new AR ThinkReality A6 headset

Lenovo has announced in its Accelerate Transform 3.0 event a new autonomous augmented reality viewer, which will be available this year as part of the ThinkReality sub-brand designed to create smarter businesses. The new AR ThinkReality A6 Headset is a standalone viewer with a resolution of 1080p per eye and 40º of FOV and integrates […]

Angry Birds AR game now available for download on iOS

Angry Birds game, the first augmented reality has been released for the iPhone and iPad. The game has been developed with Apple’s ARKit technology, a set of tools which allows developers to build games and other apps with the support of augmented reality for smartphones. With AR, one can physically walk around as structures overlaid […]

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite; an AR game immersed into the Wizarding World

A forthcoming mobile game created by Niantic Labs, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a Pokémon GO fame in collaboration with Warner Bros. It is an augmented reality (AR) game that will take place in the Harry Potter universe. Harry Potter is a fantasy series of novels based on a young wizard who’s a student at the […]

Bentley’s SYNCHRO XR: An automated reality application using Microsoft HoloLens 2

Bentley Systems, for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure is one of the leading global providers of comprehensive software solutions. It has introduced the SYNCHRO XR app for infrastructure and 4D construction projects. Introducing SYNCHRO XR, our new #mixedreality app for 4D construction projects with the Microsoft @HoloLens 2: #HoloLens2 #MWC19 @Microsoft […]