Angelica Dowson

Angelica is tech geek as well as a Content manager and Social Media enthusiastic. She is extremely passionate and result driven professional. She writes for TOS blog. Find Angelica on:

Infographic: Know the Difference Between Spy Software Vs Hackers

Spy software and hacking virus have different working, and there is a crucial difference between the two. Internet users cannot differentiate two things easily. Hackers infect the computer’s personal information and other things in the device. On th...

How to find the best spying apps

When we live in a world where fraud and deceit dwell at every single corner, it is hard to find reliable spy software for phone or other similar devices. Plus, with their demand on the rise, it is getting harder every day to discern the good applica...

What to Do if You Get Caught While Spying Mobile Apps?

Whether you are using a monitoring application to spy on a cheating husband, a misbehaving kid or an incompetent employee, in any case, there is a high chance that you may get caught. Although as a master spy there is a very less likelihood of you g...
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