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Google Pixel 2 will Resolve Major Camera Flaws of the Original Phone

The Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL had major flaws in its camera which are now being resolved by the company. In the earlier designs of Google Pixel XL, there were no bumps and no borders to protect the camera. This is where the company has incorporated changes to protect the camera. According […]

Voice II: Google Assistant’s Male Voice Live on phones and Google Home

A year before, Google introduced an app named as the Voice I of Google Assistant that featured a robotic voice similar to female’s voice. But, from today, you have an option to choose among the two voices i.e the previous voice or a similar male robotic voice. Google dubbed this new feature as Voice II. […]

NFL Fans to Enjoy Thursday Night Football Launch Live with Amazon Prime

As you all know, there is a live Football match on 28th August Thursday Night between Chicago Bears Vs Green Bay Packers. So, this year the NFL fans with Amazon Prime memberships will be able to enjoy all the Football matches live as they will be streamed on the Amazon Prime site and Prime Video app. […]

Microsoft & Facebook Work Together to Enable Wide Internet Connectivity

Since, last few years, Facebook and Microsoft have been collaboratively working on the same project with a common motive of providing access to data and connected services from the cloud as most of our data resides in the cloud. This goal is being achieved by making use of submarine cables that are set on ocean […]

Amazon Fire TV Bothers Users Due To Wrong Placement of Ads

A week before, Amazon introduced a Fire TV software update with some enhancements like the system keyboard that supports speech-to-text inside the app and also the new magnifier options which makes it easy for vision-impaired users to read the contents that are displayed on the screen. But, this version comes with an agreement of […]

iOS 11 Available from Tuesday for iPhone and iPad Users

There is some good news for all the iPhone and iPad users. The good news is that you will now be able to upgrade your devices to iOS 11 that involves various exciting features. The users can update their devices from Tuesday. Following is the list of features that you will be able to experience […]

The CEO of JP Morgan publicly declares Bitcoin ‘Currency for Criminals’

According to JPMorgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, Bitcoin is nothing less than a fraud which will eventually blow up the faces of traders. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency, and perhaps the most well-known, which can be used to make purchases, trade on Bitcoin exchanges, and is considered as an asset by some and currency by others. […]

Elon Musk released a supercut of SpaceX rocket explosion videos with never-before-seen footage

The Space X, the aerospace company founded in 2002 which is owned by tech mogul Elon Musk, have performed several experiments on the safe landing of rockets. But, unfortunately, all the attempts to launch and land became a big disaster as all the fueled machines ended up into fiery explosions. But, today this is not […]

Bonfire: Facebook Launches a group Video Chat App Silently in Denmark

As you all know, Facebook just can’t sit idle. Every time it comes up with new technologies and amaze us. This time Facebook launched a group video chat app named “Bonfire”. At present, this app is available only on Danish iOS App Store. It will be gradually available for all the users. Bonfire is an […]

BMW Launches the i Vision Dynamics Electric Concept Car

BMW introduced its latest model named “i Vision Dynamics” a coupe concept car at the Frankfurt auto show event. This new car has the capacity to run at the top speed of 200 kilometers per-hour and a zero to 100 kilometers (64 miles per-hour) launch of four seconds, it sits squarely between the urban bubble i3 […]

4K Apple TV: Equipped with Powerful A10X Fusion chipset Integrated with 3 GB RAM

Tomorrow is the day when Apple will officially reveal the new 4K Apple TV with powerful equipped components. This news was disclosed by Steven Troughton-Smith after evaluating all the firmware documents. After going into details of the code, the information was leaked regarding 4K Apple TV that it is very similar to iPad Pro’s insides; […]

Google Drive will be Replaced by Backup and Sync from December 11

There is some good news and bad news for Google Drive users. Starting with the bad news, Google Drive for both PC and Mac will begin to vanish from December 11. But, the good news is that if you are a consistent user of Google Drive then this feature will appear in the form of […]