Chelsea Crocker

Chelsea Cris Crocker is a Senior Content Writer at SocialPilot. She is a Google certified Digital Marketer, with over 6 years of agency experience. When she isn’t writing or strategizing for brands, she photographs, embroiders, hoards books, and spends more than necessary time fussing with her pets. Her weaknesses include coffee, swimming pools, and more that she isn’t willing to share.

Importance of Social Media in Ecommerce: 8 Things to Know

We are sure you can recall at least once when you saw a product’s ad and went on to inquire more on the brand’s Instagram page before making a purchase. It’s hard to argue with the fact that social media has a great influence on people, and this ...

How to make most of Facebook Influencer Marketing in 2022

All the world's a stage for social media users of 2022. We live in a world where digital marketing is at its peak. Having an online presence is key to a brand's success. People today, second guess their buying decision before scurrying online ...
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