Daglar Cizmeci

A serial investor, founder and CEO with over 20 years’ industry experience in emerging tech, aviation, logistics and finance. Daglar graduated from the Wharton School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Chairman at ACT Airlines, myTechnic and Mesmerise VR. CEO at Red Carpet Capital and Eastern Harmony. Co-Founder of Marsfields, ARQ and Repeat App.

What Really Motivates Employees Besides Money? 3 Factors to Know

Motivated employees are the backbone of any business. Most entrepreneurs know that their employees do not work for them; rather, they work for their employees. Motivation is usually referred to how driven, and happy employees are working for a compa...

5 Ways to humanize remote employee onboarding

When it comes to new hires, onboarding accounts for much more than just job training - it’s your first proper experience with new team members. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many more jobs have become remote, which has made it more important...
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