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Dhiya Hani

Dhiya Hani is a freelance technology & engineering writer who writes clear and engaging copy for the sake of technology enthusiasts out there. She is passionate about IoT, control, AI, gadgets, renewable energy, and many more. And cats. Definitely cats. Visit her website here to learn more about her.

Learn how to revolutionize your business using natural language processing

Running a business can suck sometimes. You stay up all night, inputting numbers and ripping your head off when the result doesn’t match what you expected. Then you repeat it all over again, double checking everything every step of the way. Frustrating, I know. With recent advances in the AI industry, however, everything’s about to […]

Google Clips, an AI-powered smart camera: Three things you should know

Every time I see a viral cat video that’s impossible to take, I always wonder when will I be able to record my pets being cute. Pets (like children, apparently) does not act cute on camera. This is a true and tested fact for ordinary human beings like us. Luckily, Google has a solution for […]