Evan Morris

Known for his boundless energy and enthusiasm. Evan works as a Freelance Networking Analyst, an avid blog writer, particularly around technology, cybersecurity and forthcoming threats which can compromise sensitive data. With a vast experience of ethical hacking, Evan’s been able to express his views articulately.

How data and security work towards an improved business strategy

According to a study, by 2020 (this year), every individual will create 1.7 megabytes of data every second. It is not hard to anticipate the importance of data in this data-driven landscape. Every organization collects thousands and thousands of dat...

9 Ways in Which Innovation is Changing ERP Technology

The most compelling thing about innovation is the exciting possibilities that come with it. ERP software seemed settled for many years, but cloud, mobile, and big data have shaken up the market. The reincarnation of ERP has been a decade-long journe...

7 Things you need to know to test your online security

These days, protecting your company from cybersecurity threats is a necessity. Just ask Target, Home Depot, and Equifax, what it is like to have the entire world know that you messed up and your company got hacked, losing millions of dollars of data...
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