Nate Vickery

Nate Vickery is a business technology expert and editor at Nate is mostly focused on streamlining business processes for startups and SMBs.

5 Core Reasons So Many Apps Are Failing in the Market

The application market is flooded with all kinds of apps. It seems that everyone is making mobile applications nowadays, yet very few apps make it to the top of the app chain and actually succeed. People are wondering why it is so, but the truth is ...

How the Usa’s Slow Internet Speeds Impact the Technology Industry

The country that has given birth to Silicon Valley and IT giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft is falling behind in the global internet speed race. According to a report made by Akamai and published by PC Mag, in December 2015, only 25% of Am...

Top 5 project management apps comparison

Today, technology is woven throughout all business processes and projects, and project management is no different. As a matter of fact, nowadays, more than 75% of small business and almost 90% of high-performing organizations use project management ...
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