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Author at TechGenyz

Obinna Ibemere

Obinna Ibemere is the Owner ofrealtymarketingtool, a real estate marketing agency helping agents generate online leads with PPC and SEO.

4 Awesome ways to supercharge your website for lead generation

Every online business that wants to remain profitable must, first of all, make leads generation their number one priority. That is to say, no leads to no sales and no money. Some online business like real estate whose customers don’t buy immediately they get to their website needs to make leads generation a top priority […]

3 Reasons why Pay Per Click is ideal for start-up digital marketers

I run a real estate PPC management agency and when I first started out, I made some very serious blunder that nearly made me give-up on my dreams of being an entrepreneur, self employed and an employer of Labor. Being a newbie with no prior experience and mentor, I had to figure out how through […]