Pallavi Pandey

Pallavi Pandey has been making dull topics a page-turner since 2012. She has written extensively about travel, technology, and software in her freelance writing career until now. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science helps her in comprehending the most complex of topics quite easily. She has a good amount of experience in creating engrossing content that puts across the point in the desired format without boring you to death! She is an absolute geek who can research for hours on random topics without even realizing it! Her appetite for reading is insatiable and it has helped her immensely in becoming a better writer over time."

5 Predictions About HR Analytics Every HR People Should Know

Predictive analytics is a quick up-and-coming pattern in Human Resources (HR). Despite the fact that many individuals discuss predictive analytics in HR, scarcely any associations apply them to their workforce. In this blog, I will clarify what HR p...
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