Ria Katiyar


How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Blockchain Wallet App?

The present-day scenario is rightly defined as an era of a cashless economy. We seldom carry out any transactions using cold cash; instead, we stick to digital payments done mainly by mobile phone apps.  With the technological advancements c...

How wearable tech insights are improving healthcare?

Major advancements in healthcare technology have immensely resulted in positive, rapid, and significant development in the patients' overall care and treatment. Technology continues to evolve each day. With this progress, we surely can expect furthe...

How will AI and Data Technology transform the insurance industry?

Today, information is a resource that can be utilized inside and remotely. Computerized disturbance has made a circumstance where clients hope to get to protection benefits carefully. It further helps to analyze approaches on the web easily and get ...
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