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Smart ways to boost sales for your business with a product catalog

Every brand or business runs on a single motto, which is to increase sales. Catalogs play an imperative role for businesses that ship a wide range of products. Even with the world going digital, printed catalogs are great cost-efficient marketing tools for boosting sales and for building brand awareness. A product catalog makes it easier […]

How Business Intelligence is rewarding Healthcare in financial and clinical success

Health leaders and clinicians are no exclusion. So, it may not be a surprise that the search for improved clinical and productivity effects has lacked many improvements in human factors research, continuous quality advancement, and Immunology data technology – including the creation of Business Intelligence (BI) systems. What is Healthcare Business Intelligence? BI is a […]

Financial terminology in money lending which entrepreneurs should know

Financial injections may come as a necessity anytime during business ownership, and there is a wide range of methods for the borrowers to choose from. When it comes to selecting a funding option, it is essential to step back and review all the aspects before making any decisions. You have to understand at the first […]

Why live chat is necessary for your website?

Today live chat is measured as the best lead generation tool to avail great customer service instantly for your business. To go hand in hand with the latest trends; thus it is vital for a company to provide support to their customers via live chat service. A study discovered that 92 percent of customers feel […]

Why and how Live Chat became the most trusted customer support tool

Live chat support has become an essential element in the process of achieving customer satisfaction. Allowing businesses to overcome the disadvantages of call centers and email support, live chat has increased customer retention. According to eMarketer research, 63% of customers were willing to return to a website with live chat customer support. Moreover, it is […]

3 Pillars of remote working – empathy, trust and communication

Right about the time when Samantha is dropping off her two kids at school, Fatima is kissing her two young daughters lightly on their forehead as they drift off to sleep on the other side of the globe. Both women will then head off to work and within the next hour will greet each other […]

5 Game Changing eCommerce Trends of 2019

The landscape of eCommerce is constantly changing. From commercial heavyweights like Amazon and Alibaba making customer service and shipping more efficient to the standardization of mobile shopping, 2019 saw rapid and dramatic shifts in how consumers are interacting with online stores. Here are the top eCommerce trends that developed and evolved this year: Multichannel Shopping: […]

Make the most of Backlinking – Don’t miss out

If you are reading this post then it means either your site has been doomed by recent Google algorithm update or you are overwhelmed by backlink strategies, that you can’t decide how to proceed. If you look online there are so many backlinks strategies available on the internet which might feel too advanced when you […]

5 Truly revolutionary Digital Healthcare Technologies for better diagnosis

Technology advancement in every field has made life simpler and more convenient, but in healthcare, technology advancement has not only helped save many lives, but every advancement gives us a hope that the future is going to bring less health suffering for the entire mankind. Apart from hundreds of technological advancements that are taking place […]

How is Gmail better than other email providers? 5 Reasons

Google was launched on September 15, 1997, and at that time no one can expect that Google will be the most popular website and search engine of the 2000s. Now in 2018, Google is playing the role of King in the cyber world and everyone (every site) trying to impress king of the cyber world […]

7 Excellent practices for a successful Live Chat support experience

Business to customer communication has evolved from analog to digital methods. In our technology-driven society previously recommended tools like emails are becoming obsolete with the introduction of faster ones. According to a Gartner report, 89% of businesses no longer compete on the basis of their product or service but customer experience. Customers are engaging businesses […]

5 Design ideas to create online Ads more effective

Designers nowadays are the most versatile. Although they are good at each other, they usually get involved in different fields of design. Occasionally, web designers design folders for publicity purposes and UI designers occasionally make posters. Although the vast majority of design projects follow the same design theory and graphic design trend, the decisive factors […]