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Factors to consider when choosing a smartphone for live streaming

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we live our lives. We can communicate via voice, video, text, images and instant messaging services. We can manage our social lives and keep in touch with distant friends and relatives through social media channels. We can organize and schedule our weekly activities. And we can entertain ourselves with countless […]

How AI, machine learning and robots automation affect global workforce

Technology seems to be getting smarter with each passing day. In fact, it’s advancing so fast that many people fear they’ll lose their jobs to automation. But is it really possible that one day machines will take over our jobs? According to a study released by the McKinsey Global Institute, one-fifth of the global workforce […]

Top 5 web hosting trends to look out for in 2019

Launching a website to promote or market your product or services? What about the web hosting plan? The need for a reliable web hosting plan can’t be underscored when it comes to developing a website. You need a web hosting solution that can provide the technical support your website needs. However, hosting solutions are no […]

Top 9 tips for designing the perfect logos

Branding is one of the most important aspects of the business whether new or old. Businesses need to be very attentive towards their branding strategy in order to be successful in the market. Business branding lets businesses have a recognized identity that consumers tend to get attached with. One major aspect of branding is creating […]

Mobile applications vs web applications: Which one holds greater importance?

Every time a business plans to develop an application, it usually finds itself in a state of confusion of choice between mobile applications and web applications. If you have a business, you too must have had to come across this predicament. In fact, even after a detailed paperwork on business goals, target audience and competitor […]

AR and VR not only big for our lives but for Healthcare too

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are now being widely used in various industries across the globe. Both technologies center on the creation of an artificial environment that allows users to mimic the real-world behavior aided by earphones, headsets, and other body sensors. AR and VR are huge hits in the entertainment industry. They […]

9 Best content writing tools online to level up your content

Are you thinking of creating content that will drive more traffic to your website? If so, it is vital that you have an efficient process when it comes to content creation. In this post, we have listed top content writing tools that can help you create great content. These include writing, keyword research, SEO outreach […]

Will React Native take over native mobile app development?

It was the second day of Facebook’s F8 conference in 2015 when the world obtained a great tool for building mobile products with JavaScript. At the lapse of over three years, React Native has caused a lot of stir in the industry. It has gained many supporters represented by big names like Bloomberg or Tesla, […]

10 Ways sales CRM help companies reduce the length of their sales cycle

The introduction of CRM has changed the business landscape, and the sales representatives are feeling the biggest impact. It has managed to empower the average sales representative. In fact, it has managed to become the lifeline of many companies. One of the best things about CRM is that it can shorten the sales cycle of […]

Top 4 iPhone roulette apps you should know

As any fan knows, Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, available not only in land-based casinos but also in various web-based and mobile gaming sites, too. There are several variations of the game – European, French, or American – which can be found in various modes, including two-ball and even two-wheel Roulette. […]

Why Movie Lovers Need a Smart Phone with Micro SD Card Slot?

Recently Samsung announced a new Micro SD memory card named Evo plus 256GB. As its name implies, this Micro SD card has a whopping capacity of 256GB, and it allows users to store up to 12 hours of 4K video or 33 hours of full HD recordings. As to the technical details, the newly released […]

Copywriting tips to drive more traffic on social media

Whether you are a blog, a business, or an individual – gaining traction on social media can be challenging. Thankfully, copywriters have been specializing in ways to get attention from people long before social media came along and a few of their methods can be especially useful for helping to drive traffic on social media. […]