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8 Important aspects to consider while buying a drone

From being popular toys to doing meaningful work, drones have certainly evolved. These days drones are used for doing surveillance work, recording videos, carrying objects and taking pictures. However, drones should be noise free especially when it is used for monitoring activities. Gladly, modern technology supports the manufacture of drones that function silently. Below are […]

Internal vs. external sound cards: What are the main differences?

So you’re buying a new sound card for your PC and you aren’t sure whether you should get an internal or an external one? Well, since both of them have their strengths and weaknesses, there is no straightforward answer. There are no right or wrong choices here either – it’s all about picking what best […]

4 Strategies to increase mobile app user engagement and retention

In 2017, mobile app downloads hit 178.1 billion. It’s a stunning number, but total downloads is a mere vanity metric – unless you find a way of convincing your customers to engage with your app so that they become regular users. User retention and engagement are the two key metrics that provide insights into how […]

6 Proven ways to make your email marketing strategy successful

According to the latest research, there are more than 3.7 billion email users all over the world, with a staggering 269 billion emails sent each day. Simply looking at these numbers can make anyone realize the undisputed marketing potential of keeping an email list. There are many people that simply can’t seem to figure out […]

Security for WordPress Sites – A Definitive Guide to harden websites security

So, you’re running a WordPress website and wants to have a security-proof solution to your online business. It’s hard, right? To make it easy for you to manage your website efficiently with a bullet-proof security, we decided to write a comprehensive post on WordPress website security. There are more than 1 billion websites on the […]

Best technological tools available for students

As the internet has evolved over the years, so have the websites being put up online and the services being provided. There are websites available catering to every type of need for people. The service sector is based on filling the gaps between a person and his/her need. Right from getting your x-ray film checked […]

How technology is, what it wasn’t

Our grandfather once told me a story reminiscing his young days, when he shifted from his village to a grand city he saw the way of life was much different. He told me about a day when he saw a group huddled together around a box, upon coming close he heard a voice coming out […]

How to decide on the right format to encode videos

After you record or edit a video you may find yourself staring at several options in terms of the format that you can encode it in. Assuming you aren’t that well-acquainted with video formats, you may not have any idea which one is the best choice. Factors to Consider to Choose the ‘Right’ Format The […]

How to play online roulette with money in India?

Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games among the players. Based on the game of chance, Roulette has its roots connected to the early European casinos. The payouts, which are considerably high in Roulette, depends upon the place where the ball stops at the wheel as well as the bet that the […]

Convert Videos with super speed using WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

This time we will discuss the software WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. This is an all-in-one software that can convert your video or audio to a wide range of output formats and devices and can help you download videos to watch them offline and edit videos with simple clicks. In addition, this software stands […]

Hotel technology trends you must not miss to watch out this year

We are changing the world with technology and as such, every business sector has to change with the times or get phased out. In recent years, we have seen advancements in communication with the use of webinars, web conferences and chatrooms to relay messages between users; 24-hour customer care representatives on various interactive websites; ease […]

15 Fruitful ways to make handsome amounts playing video games online

So back in the 1950s a bunch of academic computer scientists started designing simple games just for fun. But late in the 1970s, the video games became viral and got a hype. Their fun became an addiction to many children all around the world. Previously it was thought that an introverted teenager or negligent adult […]