How technology is, what it wasn’t

Our grandfather once told me a story reminiscing his young days, when he shifted from his village to a grand city he saw the way of life was much different. He told me about a day when he saw a group huddled together around a box, upon coming close he heard a voice coming out […]

How to decide on the right format to encode videos

After you record or edit a video you may find yourself staring at several options in terms of the format that you can encode it in. Assuming you aren’t that well-acquainted with video formats, you may not have any idea which one is the best choice. Factors to Consider to Choose the ‘Right’ Format The […]

How to play online roulette with money in India?

Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games among the players. Based on the game of chance, Roulette has its roots connected to the early European casinos. The payouts, which are considerably high in Roulette, depends upon the place where the ball stops at the wheel as well as the bet that the […]

Convert Videos with super speed using WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

This time we will discuss the software WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. This is an all-in-one software that can convert your video or audio to a wide range of output formats and devices and can help you download videos to watch them offline and edit videos with simple clicks. In addition, this software stands […]

Hotel technology trends you must not miss to watch out this year

We are changing the world with technology and as such, every business sector has to change with the times or get phased out. In recent years, we have seen advancements in communication with the use of webinars, web conferences and chatrooms to relay messages between users; 24-hour customer care representatives on various interactive websites; ease […]

15 Fruitful ways to make handsome amounts playing video games online

So back in the 1950s a bunch of academic computer scientists started designing simple games just for fun. But late in the 1970s, the video games became viral and got a hype. Their fun became an addiction to many children all around the world. Previously it was thought that an introverted teenager or negligent adult […]

Get unique content with the help of article rewriter

Almost all of us know the importance of unique content in today’s world. The ones who are earning a living through writing know the importance of delivering plagiarism free and unique content. The ones working in the writing field are asked to write several articles on a single topic which becomes quite strenuous for some […]

5 smartphone spy application techniques to know

In today’s world of modern technologies, the latest smartphones and the spectacular online services have perhaps made it easy for an individual to cheat on his/her spouse. Yes, you read it right! Unlike the previous era, when these fake people have to use the landline number to call their girlfriend/boyfriend and promote an affair, today […]

Voice search technology – How it influences the people

Okay Google, find me a fine dining restaurant in my area. Siri, set a reminder for my appointment with a dentist next Thursday. You guessed it, haven’t you? Voice search technology is a household name, and it won’t be wrong to say that even toddlers are familiar with it today. In fact, anyone with access […]

Top web designing trends that made an impact this year

In the beginning, web design trends were incorporated with web-safe colors and unique palette schemes. Later, the websites have been loaded with text, usual monitor resolution and then HTML. But by now, we have come a long way as the society has been completely enabled into digital. So, we need to take a step ahead […]

How to turn curious visitors into valuable customers using explainer videos

What is the difference between a good video and a great video? Results! A great explainer video has the potential to turn visitors into valuable customers and that is a key factor in the online marketing business. We’re no strangers to the advent of video content. It’s an easy way to convey complex messages in […]

8 Effective ways to use Twitter to amplify your marketing efforts

Apart from being a famous social media platform among all age groups, Twitter also became a powerful marketing force used by many businesses and companies. It is used by thousands to enable engagements and interactions with their target audiences, as well as build their overall brand image. About 45% of all Twitter users are using […]