5 smartphone spy application techniques to know

In today’s world of modern technologies, the latest smartphones and the spectacular online services have perhaps made it easy for an individual to cheat on his/her spouse. Yes, you read it right! Unlike the previous era, when these fake people have to use the landline number to call their girlfriend/boyfriend and promote an affair, today […]

Voice search technology – How it influences the people

Okay Google, find me a fine dining restaurant in my area. Siri, set a reminder for my appointment with a dentist next Thursday. You guessed it, haven’t you? Voice search technology is a household name, and it won’t be wrong to say that even toddlers are familiar with it today. In fact, anyone with access […]

Top web designing trends that made an impact this year

In the beginning, web design trends were incorporated with web-safe colors and unique palette schemes. Later, the websites have been loaded with text, usual monitor resolution and then HTML. But by now, we have come a long way as the society has been completely enabled into digital. So, we need to take a step ahead […]

How to turn curious visitors into valuable customers using explainer videos

What is the difference between a good video and a great video? Results! A great explainer video has the potential to turn visitors into valuable customers and that is a key factor in the online marketing business. We’re no strangers to the advent of video content. It’s an easy way to convey complex messages in […]

8 Effective ways to use Twitter to amplify your marketing efforts

Apart from being a famous social media platform among all age groups, Twitter also became a powerful marketing force used by many businesses and companies. It is used by thousands to enable engagements and interactions with their target audiences, as well as build their overall brand image. About 45% of all Twitter users are using […]

How AI and machine learning make an ideal eCommerce customer experience

eCommerce is one of those industries where the understanding of the customer is one of the most important elements of establishing and maintaining competitiveness on the market. It is obvious – you just can’t do anything of note without understanding what your target audience is, how it is segmented and what are the needs of […]

Avoid buyer’s remorse by hiring the best talents using simple tips

You might come across so many people just asking you for some advice on ways to hire people for small yet fast-growing business. Even though you might not be a recruiting machine, but you have done your part of hiring a few talents for your company. While going through this process, you have learned some […]

7 Crucial elements for website design you should remember

If you want to build a professional looking website but do not know where to start, you can use a website builder which will help you create the website of your choice. However, there are certain elements that every website should include. This is not limited to great images or a lot of whitespaces, there […]

6 Effective ways in which education will change by 2030

We are in a time where the internet has become more important than any other piece of technology. With the authorization of rapid digitalization paired with technological determinism, we have already faced a lot of difference in this second decade of the new millennium. Now, we have a lot more to witness in the upcoming […]

A race to 5G: Who’s winning?

The need for speed has existed since forever. It started off with the fastest hunter in the primitive times and it has now come to the fastest internet. How did this happen? Well, the need to communicate remotely with transferring data in less time got the wheels spinning. This advancement was lucrative. The entertainment industry […]

10 Best tools to solve your remote team management woes

This is a great time to be a manager. There’s a wealth of advice on how to be effective in your role available on sites like these. And the rise of the internet means that we don’t need to hope the very best staff are working in our backyard anymore. Remote working means that you […]

5 Top-notch WordPress hosting providers worth opting to cater your business

While developing a WordPress website, the foremost thing that strikes our mind is purchasing a domain name as well as an appropriate web hosting plan. It is an obvious fact that without choosing a web hosting plan, your site won’t go online on the web. So if you aren’t well aware of what the hosting […]