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Marketing Tailwind

Tailwindapp: End-to-end Solution for Winning on Pinterest

Discover Content, Schedule Posts, Monitor Conversations, Amplify Reach, and Analyze Results on Pinterest and Instagram. All with One Tool. An end-to-end solution for winning on Pinterest and Instagram.

Tailwind is a marketing tool for Instagram and Pinterest apps. It is known as one of the best social media scheduling tools. It’s a complete automation platform to schedule posts, create pins, discover content, monitor conversations, amplify your reach, and measure results.

Tailwind is used by bloggers, marketers, and eCommerce businesses. It is comprised of features like social media monitoring, management, analysis, and reports, publishing, scheduling, and more.


  • Complete package for Instagram and Pinterest tools
  • Scheduling and auto post features
  • Simple Pinterest creation and scheduling
  • Personalized pin design ideas
  • Time-saving and growth features
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