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Apple considering cutting down manufacturing in China in favor of Southeast Asia

Apple has asked its primary suppliers to try shifting 15 to 30 percent of its manufacturing processes from China to Southeast Asian countries like India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia, suggest reports. This may be seen as Apple’s way of responding to the ongoing trade-war between China and the United States, which is already making its […]

A new way to curb hunger: Ordering Uber Eats directly from main App now possible

Uber has merged its main Uber app with Uber Eats in a move for cross-promotion, which might act in favor of Uber and help them have an edge over its competitors. In late April, Uber had supposedly begun rolling out a pilot of the merged app without much pomp and show. Back in May, Uber […]

Japan firms to become cyber-secure by restricting foreign ownership in IT sectors

The defense and foreign ministers of the US and Japan have agreed to boost co-operation in the fields of cyber security and outer space. The ministers decided for the first time that a concerted cyber attack against Japan could be considered an armed offense, as stipulated in the US-Japan Security Treaty. The ministers affirmed that […]

Trump Tariffs raise can cause many Chinese companies to quit from the USA

According to reports, the US has recently raised the tariff of 200 billion US dollars on Chinese exports to the United States from 10% to 25%. In attempting to justify his decision to raise tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of Chinese imports into the US, President Donald Trump has suggested that the best […]

Paytm First Credit Card launches in partnership with Citi bank

The payment company, PayTM, has launched a credit card service by joining hands with Citi Bank. The Global Payment Company Visa has included the Paytm Payments Bank in its network. Now PayTM will issue a debit card written by Visa. About 30 million people in India already use PayTM service. By joining hands with Citibank, […]

Stakes are high leading up to the US, China trade talks

As Trump cranks up the pressure on China in pursuit of a new trade accord, President Donald Trump is putting his deal-making persona on the line and injecting new risk into his bid for another four years in the White House. Trump has raised the already high stakes of this week’s talks between U.S. and […]

Why you should start an online business

The reality in the world of online world is there are as many internet businesses available as there are people who make this lifestyle work for them. There is no right time, good time, bad time, wrong time to start this business. You need an idea about the company you want to do and from […]

Paytm partners with VISA to launch international debit cards

Soon you will be able to use Paytm’s international debit cards. The Global Payment company Visa has included the Paytm Payments Bank in its network. Under this, Paytm could soon issue a debit card written by Visa. About 300 million people in India use the Paytm. By joining hands with them, the Visa wants to […]

Trump’s threatened new tariffs on China is putting China-U.S. trade deal in doubt

Some few days back Chinese trade negotiators told reporters that Trump Administration of a trade deal is ready to be signed by both sides this month which need not be taken seriously. Latest reports suggest that Chinese stock markets tumbled on Monday after the U.S. President Donald Trump threatened new tariffs on China, putting a […]

Zoom Video stock price surpasses $20 billion

Three weeks after a wave of distrust for big technology introductions in the stock market after Lyft’s chaotic debut on Wall Street, the markets seemed reassured Thursday after the promising first steps of two other giants, Pinterest and Zoom. Zoom Video Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM ), a company offering online conference vision services, is making […]

Elon Musk in talks with Israel to build tunnels for reducing transportation woes

The founder of SpaceX, Tesla and Neuralink, Elon Musk is in talks with the Israeli government to build tunnels in the country. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed its recent campaign Musk’s Boring Co. tunneling business that could help boost much-needed infrastructure development in Israel. The Boring Company, a venture the entrepreneur, begun two […]

Indian Railways pair with Microsoft Kaizala to extend healthcare services to its employees

Indian Railways has joined hands with Microsoft Kaizala to extend healthcare services to its erstwhile and retired employees. The services will include easy access to the facilities from 125 railway and 133 private recognized hospitals. The Kaizala Group, currently managed by the doctors from South Central Railways, will be assisted in the purpose by a […]