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HTC continues its downfall and had 62% loss of revenue in 2018

HTC has been living a bad economic situation for years. Revenues turned into losses some time ago, a situation the firm does not seem to know about. Neither the new figures, at the end of 2018, accompany. For the seventh consecutive year, they closed the year with losses. Despite this, in this new year, the […]

Apple, Foxconn closes deal to manufacture high-end smartphones in India

Apple may invest even more in its Indian division and should start producing more expensive iPhones in the country by 2019. The information was revealed by Reuters who have links to the company, and Foxconn should be responsible for assembling the devices. Thus, the plant in the city of Sriperumbudur can be designated for the […]

Huawei could surpass Apple and become the second largest smartphone maker in 2019

Surely 2018 was not an easy year for Huawei, who recently saw its financial director be arrested, and also get banned in several markets under pressure from the United States. This prompted companies in Germany and France to discontinue partnerships, which would use Chinese technology to deploy networks in those regions. However, it seems that […]

IDC report says Smartphone market faces low growth till 2022

Despite the extremely surprising achievements of the smartphone market in 2018, such as the arrival of Huawei in second place as the world’s largest mobile handset manufacturer, and also record high sales in markets such as China and India, this was not a very good year for the market as a whole. In a new […]

Google acquires popular Indian travel app: Where is My Train

Earlier this year it was reported that Google was in all interest to take over the Indian traveling app; Where is My Train. Today the company announced that Google has acquired Sigmoid Labs, which runs the platform ‘Where is My Train.’ Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Where Is My Train is an app […]

AT&T in collaboration with Samsung will release a 5G-enabled smartphone in early 2019

As announced on Tuesday, 4 December, AT&T Inc. will launch its own version of a Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. 5G smartphone in spring 2019. It looks as if 2019 will be the year of 5G wireless connectivity so it shouldn’t be a surprise that AT&T has officially announced they will be selling a 5G compatible […]

Nokia financing NIB with EUR 250 million loan transaction for 5G technology research

The Nordic Investment Bank and the Finnish multinational telecom company, Nokia have signed a loan agreement financing EUR 250 million loans for research and development activities related to 5G technology. The loan, which has an average maturity of approximately 5 years after disbursement will finance Nokia’s extensive research and development programme focused on fifth-generation (5G) activities in […]

How to increase the value of your business through intellectual property rights

Massive corporate valuations are often the result of monopoly rights. While the broad trade monopolies available in the 1600s are no longer available, today’s massive valuations are often the result of the limited monopolies granted via intellectual property rights. For many companies, patent and trademark rights are foundational. Patent rights often justify the heavy investment […]

20 Best free multipurpose WordPress themes for small business

WordPress sites depend largely on the themes chosen by website developers. There are thousands of free themes that are featured on the official WordPress website. Choosing a good multipurpose theme from a huge list of themes is really a difficult task for individuals who don’t understand the technical ifs and buts of a WordPress theme. […]

Microsoft supersedes Apple as the most valuable US company for a brief moment today

Apple has been holding the position of being the most valuable US company in the market for a while now. But, for a brief moment today, Microsoft reached a market capitalization of close to $813 billion, thereby superseding Apple which fell behind by about a billion dollars. While the temporary shift recalls a long history […]

The U.S. is persuading their allies to ban Huawei gadgets

The United States banned the Chinese company Huawei from supplying any kind of gadgets made by them to the U.S as the U.S government sees the company as a threat to national security. The U.S did not stop at banning Huawei products on their own soil, according to the Wall Street Journal, they are also […]

Apple signed a multi-year deal with A24 Studio for producing feature-length films

According to the reports, Apple is on its way to make another partnership with the A24 studio which is a New York-based production house that has produced some great movies in the past including the Moonlight, one of the best picture in Oscar 2017, this is done for making the video platform better for the company. Though […]