Where and how to create attractive logos for your business

Are you looking for resources to create a logo for your business, website, or other new projects? Here are some online services that allow you to create custom logos in a short time, being able to insert images and text. These tools are really simple to use, and they allow you to create a logo […]

How your business can benefit from starting a podcast

Podcasting can be extremely beneficial for your business. But, you have to keep in mind that it isn’t all just about pressing the record button and uploading whatever you come up with on the spot. The fact, for starters, you need high-quality equipment and a proper studio. Then, you need to start planning every podcast […]

Amazon becomes the second company after Apple to join $1 trillion club

Apple, the favorite tech company, took the lead in becoming the first technology company to cross the market value of 1 trillion dollars. But the dark horse, Amazon had quickly gained speed and overtook Apple recently. There was also a marked performance in August, with which its share price has risen by $235.27 and a […]

8 Reasons as to why Instagram is great for every business

One very significant step in the 21st century has been the rapid advent of social media which has brought people from all around the world closer. One major social media that changed the face of online interaction is Facebook. Instagram is another application that has come close to the popularity and reach of Facebook. The […]

Top 10 Benefits of incorporating digital marketing into your business advertising strategies

Internet marketing is a marketing strategy that is used on the internet to drive business sales by showcasing products and services online. Digital marketing can be used with other traditional forms of marketing like billboards, flyers, newspapers, TV, and radio. The technological age has made online marketing necessity for businesses that want to survive. Since […]

GN Hearing partners with Google to introduce direct streaming from Android devices

GN Hearing has entered into a partnership with Google to enhance the experience of its user base. The partnership is all set to introduce direct streaming between Android devices and hearing aids, thus doing away with the necessity of an intermediary streaming device. This not only enhances the experience of the hearing aid users by […]

Why backup plan is the necessity of every business

What is the right business backup plan for you? Any link of setback may approach you unexpectedly and this is the reason why you need to always prepare yourself. No matter whether your business is small or huge, you need to prepare a business backup plan to face the most unexpected situation. When do you […]

Qualcomm and NetEase announced their continued partnership to advance mobile gaming

Qualcomm Technologies and NetEase games announced on Thursday their continued collaboration to advance their mobile gaming so to bring forth with better gaming experiences for the users. This joint effort will help both the companies to make better innovation, and conduct research that will help to provide better gaming experiences at large. Through this collaboration, […]

Cisco to takeover Duo Security in a $2.35 billion deal

Last year, Cisco Systems Inc had purchased business performance management and operation analytics company, AppDynamics, for $3.7-billion purchase. Now, Cisco is about to make significant headway with an even bigger acquisition, by buying Duo Security, a provider of cloud-based authentication services, for $2.35 billion in cash, as the company commented on Thursday. This is going […]

Disney, 21st Century Fox shareholders vote in favor of the historic $71.3 billion megamerger

Shareholders of 21st Century Fox and Disney met up at the New York Hilton on Friday and have voted in separate meetings in favor of Disney’s $71.3 billion buyouts of major Fox assets that started back in December, which is anticipated to have important implications in the share market. On this front, Gerson Zweifach, the […]

Qualcomm CEO given two years to diversify business and settle disputes with Apple and Huawei

Qualcomm Inc Chief Executive Officer Steven Mollenkopf sought the government’s help to block an acquisition of the U.S chip maker. But now, he has to find a way to expand Qualcomm’s chip offerings in other sectors such as automobiles, internet connectivity and network processing on its own. Several Qualcomm shareholders have given him two years […]

Qualcomm shares jumps and company plans to repurchase $30 billion in stock

Qualcomm’s shares received a high boost in extended trading on yesterday, July 25 and the chip-making company has planned to repurchase $30 billion in stock. This boost came right after Qualcomm reported its quarterly results that have surpassed expectations. As for the repurchasing plan, it is an upward revision out of the repurchase program of […]