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How to market your business at trade shows?

Trade shows have become very common today. It’s a great platform for generating brand awareness and grab the potential target. However, there are many such shows which take place every year. The trick to make your participation in the trade show a successful one, it is important to participate in a good show. But, merely […]

Microsoft expands its AI portfolio by acquiring Texas-based AI startup XOXCO

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the launch of a development studio and the product design XOXCO, the company behind the chatbot known as Howdy which enables the Slack work app to schedule the meetings. The Austin-based company is also known to have created Botkit which ensures the tools for developing the software platform GitHub which was […]

Blackberry rumored to acquire cybersecurity start-up Cylance for $1.5 billion

Blackberry seemed to have to add to their cybersecurity offerings for quite a few years and now it takes a leap. The company as reported by Business Insider on Friday is in talks to buy Cybersecurity Company Cylance Inc in a deal that could reach $1.5B. As per reports, the California-based company develops AI-based products […]

Apple partners with Amazon to sell more Apple products on the ecommerce site

Apple and Amazon have put aside their differences to mutually benefit each other by coming together to boost sales. Inc announces this Friday that it shall carry more Apple Inc products globally in time for the holiday shopping season. The coming weeks shall see an increased sale of the latest editions of Apple iPhones, […]

IBM makes the biggest purchase so far: Acquires Red Hat for $33 billion

By far this is the biggest deal ever made by IBM, it purchased Red Hat Inc in $33 billion capitulating ranks of the top cloud software competitors. This boosts the 107-year-old computer service giants credentials in the very fast-growing cloud market and gives revenue growth too. The Company has been very slow to adopt cloud […]

Tesla stock price goes up after Elon Musk settlement

US government had Sued Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla for his efforts for takingTesla private at $420 a share. Although Musk has alleged that SEC’s suit was “unjustified”, recent news says that he has reached a settlement with the lawsuit brought by SEC over the series of his tweets in August. According to the agreement […]

Salesforce expands partnership with AWS to simplify secure data sharing

Today at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s event in San Francisco, the global leader in CRM expanded their global strategic alliance with Amazon Web Sevices. The product integrations will dramatically simplify how customers can securely share and synchronize data across AWS and Salesforce services. The companies announced their offerings on the new set of data integration services between […]

Apple joins hands with Salesforce to bring new apps for business

Apple and Salesforce announced a strategic partnership in San Francisco today that is promised to bring together the best software with the best consumer technology. The partnership includes developing technology together and promoting each other’s products. Salesforce is to redesign its app based on the native mobile platform added to it will be exclusive iOS […]

Protecting your business – a few ways to do it

As an entrepreneur you need to take a couple of roles at the same time – you are a developer, but also the customer representative and the salesperson. That is one major role to play when it comes to the success of your business. It’s always a good idea to outsource some of these roles […]

BlackBerry and L-SPARK will work together for a programme to help SMEs

BlackBerry announced today that they have decided to pair up with Canada’s largest software-as-a-service accelerator called L-SPARK to help other small and medium-sized technology enterprises or what is better known as SMEs with their overall business growth to help reach a larger and bigger market and to bring new products to market using BlackBerry QNX […]

Where and how to create attractive logos for your business

Are you looking for resources to create a logo for your business, website, or other new projects? Here are some online services that allow you to create custom logos in a short time, being able to insert images and text. These tools are really simple to use, and they allow you to create a logo […]

How your business can benefit from starting a podcast

Podcasting can be extremely beneficial for your business. But, you have to keep in mind that it isn’t all just about pressing the record button and uploading whatever you come up with on the spot. The fact, for starters, you need high-quality equipment and a proper studio. Then, you need to start planning every podcast […]