Customer magnets: 8 Cost-effective ways to invite customers to your business

When you are starting out as a small business, marketing and advertising may be a herculean task. In marketing, they say that in order to make money, you have to spend it. Unfortunately, if you’ve just embarked on the business, this can be a major problem. Popular and traditional methods like TV, magazines, and radios […]

Alibaba acquires chipmaker C-SKY Microsystems to focus on IoT market

Alibaba has bought the chip making company Hangzhou C-SKY Microsystems Co., Ltd. to expand on chip development. It is an ideal news for China as the nation is carrying out a campaign to achieve self-reliance in key technologies such as semiconductors. Initiation of the campaign followed a recent U.S. ban on companies in selling types […]

6 Awesome ways for young entrepreneurs to finance business ideas

Regardless of how good is your idea or how solid your business plan may seem if you don’t have enough money to put it into action, it is all for nothing. Because of this, it is one of your most important tasks to learn how to provide funds for your business. Depending on the nature […]

Google partners with Netflix to introduce ‘Lost in Space’ game for Google Home

Google collaborated with Netflix last year to bring to Google Home a Stranger Things game, where users could chat with Dustin on his trusty walkie-talkie; and this year it is collaborating again to usher in a game based on Netflix’s extremely popular show, ‘Lost in Space’. “Hey Google, play the Lost in Space game” is […]

Chinese electronics maker, Xiaomi might acquire GoPro

As per the latest reports, Xiaomi Corp., the Chinese electronics maker, broadly known for their smartphones, is showing great interest to capture GoPro. As per the previous announcement, GoPro had put itself for sale as the company was facing difficulties to carry on. GoPro, formerly known as Woodman Labs, Inc. was founded in the year […]

Spotify tackles copyright infringement risks by buying ‘cover song’ licensing firm

Spotify, which is currently the world’s largest music streaming service, announced on Thursday, April 12 that it wishes to buy is a San Francisco-based licensing technology firm which helps locate songwriters and pay due royalties for cover songs, which are currently a raging internet sensation. Built in 2013,’s three co-founders wanted to […]

Uber app to expand services like bikes, rental cars and public transport soon

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced yesterday, April 11 in Washington regarding expanding the services of the company. The expansion includes bikes and cars for rent and even public transport like buses and trains. Khosrowshahi adds that Uber will share more of its data on traffic patterns for being ‘true partners to cities for the long […]

Amazon to enter P2P payment market with the help of Alexa voice assistant

Wall Street Journal has announced the active consideration on part of online eCommerce giant’s use of its patented voice assistant Alexa to try and enter the online payment market, in order to compete with Paymo’s Venmo and other large banks which offer payment services. With the help of Alexa’s voice-based instruction inference system, the […]

Taboola wants to bring something similar to Apple News, signs deal with ZTE

Taboola is one of the most well known “content recommendation” firms. They place sponsored links on publishers’ sites. The firm is looking forward to opening a new front. Recently, they have secured a deal with ZTE Corp., the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, this Wednesday. This deal will see Taboola’s recommended links being displayed on some ZTE […]

Amazon may offer to buy Flipkart sometime this year

Amazon, an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company, has offered to buy the Indian e-commerce firm Flipkart. The daily local Mint has revealed the news of the seemingly possible deal citing sources. Flipkart, however, is in talks with Walmart, an American multinational retail corporation, for the stakes of the sale. Flipkart is fighting their […]

Alibaba to buy remaining shares of to compete with Tencent

Alibaba said on Monday, April 2 that they are to buy remaining shares of, a major food delivery app in China. Already owning (jointly with Ant Small and Micro Financial Services) about 43% in Ele, Alibaba wants the rest to gain a boost in its competition against Tencent in the offline market. The deal […]

BlackBerry and Jaguar Land Rover in deal to infuse software in electric vehicles

BlackBerry and Jaguar Land Rover of Tata Motors announced today, March 22 about their licensing agreement to use software for electric vehicles. Both the companies let out basic details of the plan. Blackberry is to provide infotainment and security software to the British carmaker for autonomous driving. The Canadian tech company is on course to […]