The ultimate laptop buying guide for 2019 (DO NOT Miss Out on This)

From writing a research document to editing videos or playing a laptop is always better. So, what kind should you buy? Compact enough to take with you, but versatile enough to run demanding applications. We refer to the laptop, the best tool to do a serious job or play at home or when you are traveling. […]

Why ignoring Etsy SEO to focus on social media is a big mistake

Etsy sellers know that they need to get their store noticed. However wonderful their offerings are it’s a platform that is very competitive and is only becoming even more so. In an attempt to ramp up the visibility of their store however, lots of Etsy store owners make a big mistake. The first thing they […]

How to fix WordPress site speed problems

If you have a WordPress website for your business, no doubt you spend all kinds of time and money on web design tweaks (to make it more responsive for mobile users for example). Your lot of time and effort are dedicated both on and offsite WordPress SEO to improve its position in the SERPS. You […]

How tech giants employ machine learning against cybercriminals

Google and Microsoft are raising everyone’s hopes by perfecting another AI-based application. Only this time, the technology is not being used to tell the weather or play music. It’s being used for something human beings cannot really do themselves – keep cybercriminals under control. A Different Kind of Use Case “Machine learning is a very […]

Smart cities and cybersecurity: What you need to know

SDigital innovation is shaping our future. Its impact on our everyday lives can no longer be ignored. We carry it around in our pockets, rely on it for medical care, and even share our beds with it. And as of late, the same technology we use in our offices and homes has started growing into […]

Transform your Android Smartphone to a Mini Home Theater – Download BeeTV APK

Avengers End Game is here and if you have not watched the 21 Marvel Movies the End Game, we are giving you a great opportunity to watch before heading to Avengers End Game. All you need to do is to download BeeTV APK on your Android smartphone. BeeTV App collects the links of all popular […]

How increased cyber threats putting customer data and the global cyber ecosystem in danger

Critical infrastructure attacks are up 43%, according to research from TrendMicro. And the attacks are getting more sophisticated each day. The most common infrastructure attacks in ranked order, include: Phishing Unpatched Vulnerabilities DDoS SQL Injection Cross-Site Scripting The growing global cyber ecosystem is making the possibility of a data breach more likely each day. A […]

Myths about slots – debunked!

Like most other subject matters, the internet is full of weird and wonderful facts about casinos and gaming, some of which isn’t remotely true. Playing slots, whether it’s in a brick-and-mortar casino or online, somewhere like, is ultimately a game of luck. Your chances of winning are random, there’s no such thing as having […]

Top 5 RPA tools for 2019 and beyond – Best RPA tools

In today’s highly competitive times, enterprises are constantly striving to be in the lead. As technology continues to evolve and enterprises take new steps to stride ahead, automation has taken precedence over other transformative tools. While there are numerous automation platforms available, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has made its way to the top, because of […]

Free Download paid apps on iOS – Install TweakBox [iPhone/iPad] [No Jailbreak]

Apple App Store has a plenitude of applications. However, the section of apps that entice us the most is the section with paid applications. We never happen to gather the courage of downloading a paid application as it might end up in a total bummer. In this post, we are going to tell you about […]

Top 3 software development aspects to focus on in 2019

Software development offers new means to define and describe the scope, purpose, and value of different software-based projects to satisfy and address perceived needs. Although there are various aspects of software development that have helped shape today’s technology, the following are the top three, with detailed information on how they have led to technological advancement. […]

What does the future hold for compact technology?

Compact technology. It covers a range of devices, from smartphones to home tech and it’s largely thanks to intricately printed circuit boards (PCBs). These essentially support the mechanics of an electrical product. Innovators like RS make them easy to find. How can the digital tools that they power help us? Have they changed the way […]