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Nikon receives award for D850 and Nikkor 180-400 mm lens

Nikon Nederland is pleased to announce that the Nikon D850 and the AF-S Nikkor 180-400 mm f / 4E TC1.4 FL ED VR telephoto lens for 2018/2019 were voted best products in the ‘Professional DSLR Camera‘ and ‘Professional’ categories. The EISA awards, which are awarded annually by the European Imaging and Sound Association, show that […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 to be your new multitasking companion

Today at a press meet on Manhattan, the Chinese Electronics manufacturer announced the upcoming launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet. The Tab S4 is supposed to deliver “tablet mobility and PC power.” The Tab S4, soon to be available in the colors black and grey, will begin shipping from August 10, as pre-orders […]

New A9F and Z9F Master series TVs to arrive soon, announces Sony

The wait is over. Sony has finally announced its two latest flagship televisions, the Master Series Z9F LED and Sony A9F OLED. Rightfully named the ‘Master Series’, these televisions feature the Sony X1 Ultimate processor and has been built to provide image quality similar to what only professional studio masters can deliver. Two years after […]

Next-gen Amazon Echo Dot speaker resembles design to that of Google Home Mini

Images posted by Numerama and FrAndroid have reportedly revealed the revamped design of the Amazon Echo Dot speaker. Reports on these newly leaked images by AFTVnews reveal Amazon to be making some major changes to the design of its Alexa device. There has been no release of a new Echo Dot speaker since September 2016, […]

Nikon is working on developing a next-gen full-frame mirrorless camera

Nikon has announced its developmental works on the next-gen full-frame mirrorless camera, with NIKKOR lenses having a new mount. The works are going towards opening a new dimension in an optical performance that should come from the adoption of the mount. Nikon is keeping faith on its optical and manufacturing abilities which come from works […]

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo can pump up 2 devices; Note 9 and Galaxy Watch

On August 9, the press conference of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was planned. It has been known for a while that Samsung will also announce a new wireless charger at the same time. Yesterday a picture of the box of the new wireless charger already leaked. We have received a few extra images in our […]

LG launches ThinQ AI smart TV with voice control feature, an intuitive experience for its users

LG is one of the first major technology companies to embrace Artificial Intelligence and now it’s just not limited to smartphones. The company is presently aiming at India’s TV segment with its latest range of AI-powered smart TVs. LG today, launched their new range of smart TVs with integrated AI. The range includes over 25 […]

Huawei smart speaker to serve as a WiFi router and voice assistant

This year Bloomberg reported that Huawei has developed its own voice assistant in China. This news got clearer forms when the US news medium CNBC reported last month that Huawei intends to provide its home WiFi routers with its own voice assistant. In this way, the Chinese manufacturer wants to compete with smart devices such […]

HiQ the Australian startup launches AirPlus, the wireless charging case for AirPods

HiQ, a startup in Australia has launched the wireless charging case named AirPlus for AirPods via the Kickstarter campaign. Also dubbed as Home IQ, the startup is into researching and developing creative products that can be connected online. The AirPlus is colorful in design and is sturdy enough to be drop proof. Dust resistance and […]

6 Interesting gadgets to add into your collection this year

Whether you are traveling or in your office or at home, new innovations in tech bring so much ease into your day and make life less demanding. In this post, we have compiled a list of most interesting new gadgets that you might want to add into your collection this year. Have a look: Dash-I […]

5 Car gadgets that can revolutionize your daily commute

When you try to make an estimate of the amount of time you spend in your car (on a weekly or monthly basis), you will come to a surprising discovery. Namely, one survey claims that an average person spends about 101 minutes per day driving. With this number in mind, it’s more than clear that […]

Galaxy Tab Advanced 2 is the newest Tablet by Samsung, to be introduced soon

Samsung currently develops several new tablets. There has been a talk about the Galaxy Tab S4 (SM-T835), a Galaxy Tab A2 XL (SM-T590 / SM-T595) and a Galaxy Tab Advanced2 (SM-T580). Today we bring news about one of these new Android tablets; the Tab Advanced 2. Samsung Galaxy Tab Advanced 2 specifications The Korean manual of the […]