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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games will get free legendaries and new battle rules

The duo video games Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are to get grand goodies soon in this month, July. The list consists of revised rules for the special battles and a couple of free Legendary Pokemon. As for the rules, season 11 will run between July 10 and September 3 this year. This is […]

Nintendo announces Mario Kart 8 Deluxe update and an exciting new contest

The Nintendo Switch system got a new free update today which will allow the users to use the Toy-Con Motorbike from the Nintendo Labo. The Toy-Con Motorbike is basically a Variety Kit to control in-game vehicles. This new interactive controller will make the users feel like as if they themselves are sitting on the driving […]

Pokemon Go gets three new features for the trainers who are in Level 10 or higher

Niantic on last week has released three new features in Pokemon Go for the trainers. These features may have mixed feedback from the game lovers. One newness is regarding the gifts from the PokeStops, and these have been nerfed. The Pokemon Go gifts will now have rarer items than before in the normal PokeStop gift […]

Echo Combat first open beta testing kicked off today

The Echo Combat teaser was released earlier this month and they also announced that they will be beta testing the Ready at Dawn’s futuristic FPS; the date of which was also announced at that time. Echo Combat’s first open beta started from today which runs from 10:30 am PT today until 10:00 am PT on […]

Nintendo announces Super Smash Bros Ultimate to the Switch gaming console

In March, Nintendo announced Super Smash Bros for a Nintendo Switch game console at a virtual press conference. At the E3 game fair last week in Los Angeles, Nintendo revealed more details about Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The new game has no less than 65 playable characters. Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch All […]

Nintendo unveils Arcade retro games for Switch console

On the E3 show in Los Angeles, Nintendo has unveiled several new Switch games. There came a surprising disclosure today that will delight many retro gamers. The original Donkey Kong Arcade game comes to Nintendo’s most popular game console, the Switch. The arcade version will receive an official reissue for the first time. Donkey Kong […]

Gameloft unleashes Modern Combat 5: Blackout to Nintendo Switch after 4 years of release

Gameloft is bringing its mobile game Modern Combat 5: Blackout to Nintendo Switch today, June 14 at E3. The game was released in mobile 4 years ago. No feature, enhancement or update has been disclosed by the developers, and neither have they revealed about price or whether it’ll be free. It is, in fact, a […]

Capcom at E3 2018 announces Resident Evil 2 Remake will be released in January 2019

Capcom announced the release date of Resident Evil 2 remake that’s coming on January 25 next year. At the E3 2018, it has demonstrated a brand new trailer for the game. The trailer video features Leon Kennedy wearing his classic blue Raccoon City Police Department uniform and ends with the release date. It further confirms […]

OnePlus Asphalt Cup, an online racing championship launched in India

OnePlus with Gameloft on Monday launched an exclusive online racing championship called OnePlus Asphalt Cup in India. The new online championship is the first racing championship on mobile in the country. The game is to be held from June 13 to July 8, keeping it open for all mobile-gaming enthusiasts within the country who will […]

E3 2018: Microsoft’s pre-show announcements showing off their next level gaming development

E3 2018 is the biggest event in the gaming industry calendar which is taking place in Los Angeles. The official dates for the big events are from June 12 to June 14 but the pre-show actions also count for the excitement to all fans and people who are attending this in the Microsoft Theater. Sunday’s […]

Bethesda announces Elder Scrolls VI and Elder Scrolls Blade at E3 2018

Bethesda took the stage of E3 2018 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) to announce its two new games: The Elder Scrolls 6, and Elder Scrolls Blade for mobile. Not much of the games were disclosed except releasing a short teaser video of the latest The Elder Scrolls VI. It displays panning over a mountainous region accompanied by […]

All you need to know about the tentative details and updates for the Halo 6 game

E3 2018- Halo 6 announcements up ahead? It’s a heads-up time for the gamers as E3 2018 is just around the corner officially, to begin in association with EA Play on Saturday. In the line of announcements, conferences, and interviews that are to follow from various game developers and publishers, details about Halo 6 being […]