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Marvel Avengers, the first trailer of superhero game released, coming in May 2020

The Marvel Avengers was one of the most anticipated video games of the E3 2019 and Square Enix has not lost the opportunity to show it. Although perhaps without all the desired information. Marvel’s Avengers has been presented officially at the most important video game fair in the world with a cinematic trailer. The show […]

The awaited remake of “Final Fantasy VII” game already has trailer and release date

A few hours after the start of the most anticipated video game fair for players from around the world, the Electronic Entertainment Expo ( E3 ), “Square Enix” presented the trailer of the remake of the videogame “Final Fantasy VII” and announced the date of premiere. In addition to the gameplay presented on Monday, “Square […]

Co-op shooter Outriders game launched at E3 2019

Outriders was unveiled a few days ago by Square Enix itself, ahead of its E3 2019 conference. But, aside from a very brief teaser in which we saw a woman wake up from a cryostat camera (or hibernation) in what could be a spaceship, little or nothing could be extracted. At least, until today. And […]

Ubisoft’s biggest release of 2019, Watch Dogs Legion launched at E3 2019

One of the most anticipated announcements of the Ubisoft conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2019 was the new installment of the Watch Dogs saga. The French company Ubisoft has not disappointed us as during the event held in Los Angeles the company has finally officially confirmed the existence of Watch Dogs Legion, […]

E3 2019: Microsoft’s gaming service Gears 5 will be released on September 10

At the Xbox E3 2019 press conference, Microsoft announced onstage the release of Gears 5. Microsoft also announced a collector’s edition, which will include a replica Jack drone from the game that flies. From the cinematic trailer, we learn that at E3 2018, Gears 5 is going back to where it all began, and it […]

George R.R. Martin’s new video game leaked ahead of the official E3 event

New leaks are already arriving before the E3 event as Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is working with Dark Souls studio FromSoftware on a new game called Elden Ring. HBO’s Game of Thrones, creator George R.R. Martin’s got several other projects in the works, including, reportedly, a new video game. As posted by […]

PUBG LITE beta version soon to be available in India as free-to-download

The mass-popular PUBG game that constitutes a significant part of the gaming industry in India is going to be available in India very soon. It will be available as a free-to-download PUBG LITE beta, as per the announcement on the official Facebook page of PUBG LITE. The PUBG LITE version of the game will offer […]

Google Stadia released: Available date and official price of the game catalog

Google Stadia is the platform with which Google wants to conquer the streaming of video games. During the Game Developers Conference 2019, the company announced this new service that will allow us to play from anywhere – thanks to the Google cloud. However despite the good feelings, also left us a lot of questions about […]

Quake II RTX, world’s first fully path-traced game is now available for free download

The RTX demonstration of Quake II is already available. It is available through Steam or Nvidia store. RTX is Nvidia’s brand for ray tracing, which includes graphics cards, computers and games compatible with this system. This reconstruction of Quake II has been one of the most attractive and accessible manifestations of this technology. To disguise […]

Baldur’s Gate III announced for Google Stadia and PC

Larian Studios is the team behind the development of Baldur’s Gate III, the expected third installment of the saga started by BioWare. The first rumors already pointed out that it would be the developers of Divinity who were taking charge of the project, but at first, they denied it, although later they dropped it. The reality is that the studio announced the game […]

Sony prepares improvements for Party function and voice chat on PS4

Sony remains interested in improving the PlayStation environment and its ecosystem. That is why it will make various optimizations which will come to PlayStation 4 with a new update. The company is testing the aggregates before its official launch, so it prepares a Beta. On the PlayStation blog, Sony revealed some of the additions in […]

Gears of War 5: All about the great Microsoft game title for 2019

The Microsoft conference at E3 2018 was full of surprises and marked the way forward in the medium and long term. Among new acquisitions of studies and planned projects, one new game was announced: Gears 5. The new installment of the series that marked, along with Halo, the future of Xbox 360, was back in […]